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  1. Kyle James

    i work a physical labor job and lift weights. i can eat 100g of carbs a day and im still pissing heavy ketones

  2. B Williams

    Can I get a copy of your pamphlet ttbell.bw17@gmail.com

  3. Lydia Hiott

    My Dr. recommended this diet. Is there a hard copy of this lecture?

  4. Rosemary Wieliczko

    How can I get a copy of Page 4

  5. Elizabeth Tasripin

    Although I see that moderate exercise is not necessary, holistically I found walking to be a good stress reducer and should be considered a part of a lifestyle. just a ten minute walk after a meal without racing I feel is a very calming part of an overall lifestyle of healthy living. meditation and yoga and tai chi are very good to help the mind and body to work together. any reply?

  6. G

    This is Adkins diet.  The man who fought so hard in the "no fat world" never gets any credit.  Take the same thing, give it a new name and go to the bank.  Us oldies know but the young generation do not know.  Bottom line I am glad people are learning not to believe the evil medical field and learning on their own, Hats off to all and great success.

  7. Eva Winchester

    This man is a saint a zillion time over. <3 Thank you, Dr. Westman…for helloing to save my life and helping me to save other's lives with your information.

  8. Peace At Last

    Thank you so very much for this valuable video. Please keep it on and never delete it. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  9. Regina Harris

    I need page 4
    Where can I get a Copy

  10. Mandy Norman

    Hello Dr. Westman . I just came across this video. Do you still use this guide for Keto ? If so I would love to have this guide . How can I get a copy ? Thank you so much , Mandy Norman.

  11. shirley arizaga

    I want page 4

  12. sbraz sbraz

    Can I get a copy of page 4?

  13. Brandi Lloyd Nalley

    i have hypertension and my ankles swell. what happens when i feel tired and light headed. it says i can drink the bouillion. what should I do when i cant drink that to get out of the carb hangover( so to speak)

  14. Terry Williams

    I'm surprised he doesn't even mention nuts.

  15. PrincessAloeVera

    Artificial sweetners are NOT okay! And I went to Linda's site and she uses a LOT of the Splenda in the recipes. It is poison. I don't get it! Are these people getting paid by the artificial sweetner companies? I wouldn't be surprised.

  16. Mike Blake

    how do I get a copy of page 4 ?

  17. Toni Art

    still dont understand if you are eating all that fat, protein and calories how do you not gain?

  18. Paul Neal

    what about nuts?

  19. whatta 1

    Thank you for this excellent, and simple explanation. Now i don't feel overwhelmed, and i feel i can, and want to do this for healing illness in my body

  20. Valerie

    DO Night Shade veggies CAUSE PAIN with

  21. Regina Pontes

    Can we get the food list posted?

  22. Valerie

    I have no Thyroid and have no Gallbladder, is this diet ok for me?

  23. Risk Schank


  24. Ashley Jeanelle

    Here is the link to the entire document! I just clicked the green download button, then waited over a minute and it downloaded. I didn't "like" anything or have to give my email address, and it was safe as far as virus stuff when downloaded too. Yippe! https://documents.tips/documents/dr-eric-westman-pg-4.html

  25. radu vernescu

    Dr. Lorraine Day cured her cancer with a vegan diet, putting in a lot of carbs, fructose in special. I am puzzled…can anybody explain this counter-intuitive event ?

  26. Anne Coble

    You mentioned any items having 0carbs do not have to count ..is this protein only..??what about 1carb items??thanks…..

  27. lavina lavery

    Hello Dr Eastman could you please email me page 4 .

  28. spirals 73

    It's unrealistic for me personally to drop to 20 carbs a day but in the 90s when I first did this I lost a few sizes on 100 carbs a day with walking a few miles a day. My test strips were purple. I walk less now so I'm keeping it between 60 and 70. I think it should work. I respond pretty well to a moderately low carb level. So if you are struggling with the strict level of 20, try 50-70 for a while and see what happens.

  29. Anne Coble

    Can you please email me page 4..email me acoble43@gmail.com..thanks..blessings..

  30. Anne Coble

    How much protein a day.can you have liver..also what about diet drinks and Crystal lite drinks..thank you..you make it so much easier..!! Blessings

  31. Larry _

    My Dietitian/Nutritionist from UW Madison tells me that Keto is not a good idea. She totally ignored that I had been on Keto for 2 weeks before I could get into see her, ignoring things like the fact that I had already lost 16 lbs, my BS was WAY down, I was eating healthy foods finally, I was sleeping better than ever before, my combat related PTSD anxiety was much reduced, I am actually able to sometimes leave my house without my Service Dog for support, my self esteem was thru the roof, I can go upstairs without taking a break half way up, and my BP is well controlled at 134/80. Not bad for a 66 yr old man. Her retort to all of this was that she was very concerned about my Cholesterol going up! She made it clear that she had a Masters Degree and knew what she was talking about. When asked, she did admit to not having time to read all of the "new" research on a low carb lifestyle. I sent her several links, including this video, to see if she would look into it before our next visit.

  32. Rick

    Im sure his diet works. What I find interesting is that Duke was made famous by an all Rice diet that had the same effects and is also still being used today. Seems like there are more than one way to fix a persons issues.

  33. spudth

    After watching this and knowing that this was 2011 (he states 1998 was 13 years ago) I wonder how he has modified this. I found a recent video where he still endorses this diet but says the truth is that keto or Low carb diets work the "old fashioned way" by simple making you eat less. Keto – low carb – is easier as you do not have those hunger cravings…..

  34. spudth

    over the last 6 weeks I have fallen into this diet. Wasn't sure what I was after when I started, Just fumbled but was dedicated. I called it my 0 carb diet figuring I'd gather less than 50 a day through simple things like coffee creamer and hidden carbs in foods. But that said, I've unknowingly been following this diet. I went from 227# to 209#. Funny thing is today Dr Westman actually says this diet causes weight loss by the simple feature of eating fewer calories. However this diet is good to remove the hunger. So no matter what it does work but calorie counting can reinforce it. I will start calorie counting as I go on with this diet to my target.

  35. Eat Better Australia

    Thanks Brian, this video is priceless.

  36. Vicki Leavell

    Please email page 4 to me
    At vrleavell@gmail.com

  37. C Richardson

    Thanks for this!

  38. trid2bnrml

    "sugar-free" simply means aspartame, saccharin or other cancer-causing sweeteners…not a great trade-off to me

  39. Ban Parlous

    Summing up. Liam Neeson says 20 carbs or less a day…. or he WILL find you.😆

  40. Stuart Pierce

    I don't know how people do cheese and cauiflower pizzas.
    Even one or too slices are more than a fist full. thanks Jennifer 😄

  41. Stuart Pierce

    Thanks so much for video!!!!!!
    Thanks Jennifer 😄

  42. Mary Adkison

    Best video ever 🥰🥰

  43. Mary Adkison

    Tea unsweetened ??

  44. Mary Adkison

    Great video. Thank you 💞 give the person coughing leave the room please 🤫‼️‼️

  45. Regina G

    I am a believer but maybe some bodies can’t handle this diet. I have had diarrhea for weeks (sorry for the graphic).

  46. Kuttan R

    Doctor when I talk to people to avoid rice pasta sugar soda fruits chips and popcorn , chocolates cakes and what not they ask me what else to eat and when I give them a list more than what not to eat they say that’s boring 😂👍😃 but this diet is amazing and I’m on it since 2017 with little modifications for my Indian cooking

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