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  1. Trina Yolanda

    Loved this Interview!❤️

  2. Nonya Bidness

    I always thought she, Beyonce and Monica could be sisters.

  3. iLeona296

    She should’ve just said no when Envy asked the question.. it’s true, you should not participate in it

  4. Kay M.

    Is it just me or does Erica look Exactly like an older version of Parker McKenna Posey!? 👀👀 She literally looks like she could be an older Sister or Mom.

  5. lil mommy

    Thank god they didn't go to bad boy

  6. Josephs Boy

    Great interview, I love to hear people promoting doing the work on yourself to be the best You that you can be.

  7. Rudiann Wildgoose-Laing

    Love Erica Campbell💓

  8. Dwayne Martinez


  9. Dwayne Martinez

    I soooooo love this women she’s Amazing but also loveeeee my favorite group MaryMary

  10. beegood

    AMAZING interview!!!! I cried during her prayer because her STRENGTH & POWER shined through when she spoke to the Lord. I love how respectful, calm, & filled with knowledge this conversation was. Erica is such a sweetheart. NOTHING BUT LOVE & BLESSINGS!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Yeathats_Vino

    Did she say the N word?!??

  12. Ryan Henry

    A lot of people say that Tina’s the better singer but Erica has the better spirit which is why Erica is more successful. Tina’s foot stays planted in her mouth.

  13. LaLa Thornton

    I’m so not a fan of her. Reality show devalued her and her sister. Not interested… Next

  14. T McGhee

    I was feeling sad, conflicted, lacking in my self worth and this interview blessed me so much!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  15. ManiLee

    This was a very good interview.

  16. Markise Hicks

    I love Erica Campbell!

  17. William Carpenter III

    she said "in case this n*gga trip". im weak 🤣

  18. Marvin HC

    Great Interview 🙏🏿💯

  19. Chanelle Thomas

    Erica knows God, loves God and shows God. Fyi, you shouldn't just pray whenever a Christian artist is there. I've only seen y'all air prayers when Kirk franklin, td Jakes was there.

    The breakfast club needed her presence. She brought in Jesus 🙌🙌.

  20. bisexualdanger69

    I luv Erica Campbell

  21. Marcus McFarlin

    👏🏾WAY👏🏾 TO 👏🏾GO! GREAT interview Erica. Blessings on you and the fam! #ChristRepresenter #KingdomBuilding #GospelMusic

  22. Dorian Terry

    She is 💯 real

  23. MsDivineGoddess

    God is not a big man in the sky looking down on our every move with a telescope. This way of thinking is outdated and problematic.

  24. Theresa Edwards

    The egg story is so Real!!..lol

  25. Keela B.

    Definitely sold me on the book

  26. D.

    watching this interview made me want to buy the book! great interview❤

  27. SickeningKamiyah _

    Erica is my fav of Mary Mary 🤷🏽‍♀️ she’s always positive and down to earth! She’s a real media maven


    I’m glad she’s comfortable with using certain words and not like most who act as if they don’t say certain words or over holy

  29. Tonya Jones

    This was a Blessing! Thank you Erica!✨🌟✨🌟🥳

  30. Kelly Pinto

  31. Whitney Harris

    Envy: explain to everyone what a gospel singer is.

  32. African Queen Ts

    Lord some done link erica cambell sex tape givin head omg dis bout to blow up like crazy

  33. Sing Shanny

    I needed to hear this. The world tries to convince the gifted that they should not be happy about their gifts and blessings.

    The word says that your gifts will make room for you ❗️

  34. Jazzya

    I would be so happy for another marry marry album!

  35. Ms. Rawkii Joy, Educator

    Basically what other people bully others for being: THEMSELVES, is what she’s saying 🤔 hmm… thank you EC! 💚💚💚💚

    Charla’s cancer is intrigued by the feminine bull #Taurus. 💚💚

  36. Tatiana Sears

    I LOVE HER!!! Where can I order this book?

  37. Gerrod Odom

    She spoke the realest with in 8 mins of the interview 💯

  38. James Vance

    I swear she looks like Monica

  39. Life With Zay

    I love Erica Campbell! A gospel legend & a pure and genuine heart. God bless her!🙏🏾❤️

  40. Mia Gillespie

    I love her positivity.

  41. Nette Tisha

    Great interview 😇

  42. Dee Nikki

    Amen!!! Great interview..❤

  43. Eddie Miles

    I watched this just to look at her talk😍 She just looks and sounds like perfection. The only Christian woman that can make me convert back to Christianity. #OnGAWD

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