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  1. Aracely Anaís Alvarado Aguilera

    3:10 las ojeras se van pero los ojos quedan rojos

  2. موسم الكرز ورد

    IT is Butfll

  3. Isabella Maradiaga

    Este video me encantó

  4. Marinalva Morais


  5. Elena Abueid

    I wish that’s how I wake up on school days😩

  6. Brooke Mifsud

    Pls just take a shower

  7. قناتي الفنية والمبدعة


  8. Valery Achicanoy

    Like is cat


    I thought we had lotions for dry skin
    And lip balm for lips-

  10. Nelissa Heyliger

    Our fellow roblox YouTuber outro song (most of the time) 3:18 🤣😂

  11. Riley McFail

    4:42 everybody this is fake but i love these videos those rose petals are fake i can tell because roses grow at my school and fall off and they r pink and red and white not whatever these r

  12. Riley McFail

    4:01 omg my gosh that looks so DISGUSTING

  13. Riley McFail

    dude dis girl worried about how she has thin lips and dark eye circles but she aint worried about that very noticeable pink SPOT on her chin


    Mentirosos nada funsiona

  15. mrunal more

    0.32 beautiful girl

  16. doomfinal moraes


  17. Janhavi Gawali

    I can use deodorant as perfume

  18. Lemon adventure

    1 Hack must be printed with laser printer

  19. Sunita maurya

    I like all the life hacks

  20. rose heaven


  21. Rosanne De Souza

    The dry skin is glue😠 I said that if you guys keep repeating the same hacks you will loose subscribers.pls improve

  22. Black gil lui

    Não mostrou o q brilha no escu

  23. Mary Mitchell

    None of them work 😭😭😭👎👎👎

  24. Sonal Dungrani

    The Title pic is only fake HAHAHAHA🤣🤣🤣MORING AND NIGHT BLA BLA 😏🤣🤣😋

  25. LPS Sabča 18


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