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  1. Rainne T

    your hacks are good

  2. txrue x


  3. Marie Jhene

    you the real MVP

  4. Anisa Hussain

    u call it gunk but then why wear it i swesr i know this one comment wont make no difference but trust me you look way better without that "gunk"

  5. LHDC

    Love this !!!!!!

  6. ThePrettySweety

    I love this just subscribed

  7. Maxon Plain

    I sware all these hacks are pure genius! The moth ball and headphone hacks are my favs. And the part where you sprayed air refreshner under your arms was hilarious 😂😭These were so helpful, love love the video!

  8. Kiara Zhané

    I love the stocking Hack 🙌🏽🙌🏽 thanks

  9. Joycelyn L. Akamba

    love you vids. keep it up!

  10. Melissa Graham

    Omgeee, this video is awesome! I didn't even know any of these hacks existed..lol but my favorite is the no fan brush, nail polish on stocking and deodarant stain one because I sware this happens to me all the time. I know you said one, but their all good..hahaha. Great Video! You have a new subbie over here 🙂

  11. Vaeh Lit

    YASS girl.
    I love your videos😘

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