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  1. SANPOL 2

    Sunscreen may cause vitamin D deficiency, says study


  2. Andi Merenda


  3. Gabriela VK

    How much do you need to reapply sunscreen if you re staying inside?

  4. Naila Awais

    its video is very nice but you can get more information about this topic….@t

  5. Selma Khan

    I loved the founder of this original youtube concept asian beauty secrets I literally watched it every day .. maybe I am older in my 30s… Totally get that this is upgrading to fit the current beauty youtube landscape but please please change the bullet point sound effects. Love that you all are showing various ages and the science of skincare and how are skin responds to this chemical compounds but the sound effects tho! Love you all please don't hate me! 🙂

  6. Evil Spaghetti

    What’s the best sunscreen that’s not chemical for oily acne prone fair skin?

  7. Isi Hosena

    Does anybody know how to gently remove sunscreen if that is all I have on my face?

  8. bflower88

    Haych = H

  9. Samantha Zivolich

    About 6:45, is what you are saying is that if I have fair skin and use a SPF 30, that the sunscreen would last me 5 hours? And I wouldn't have to reapply it for another 5 hours?

  10. AprilandJuly LI

    Love this video! Thank you!!!!

  11. Cup Cake

    Honestly I’m that person who applies sunscreen during lunch breaks at school. I don’t care if I get weird looks cause I’m out here trying to live my clear skin life. I use neutrogena clear face 50 spf for my face, and aveeno sensitive skin mineral sunscreen for my neck and hands.

  12. David Nguyen

    i have dry skin what do i do

  13. wawies14

    Is it bad if I like to spritz on a bunch on setting spray afterwards? Will it wash away the suncreen?

  14. Mali Kara

    8:52 thats just painful… OH HELL NAW

  15. Lovette Jallow

    Very dissapointed to see you go by the Fitzpatrick scale which claims dark skin doesn’t burn. I am on the darker end of black and I have burnt myself not once, not twice but several times despite using spf 50 and as high as spf 90. Black people and brown people can burn. UV rays are not as they used to be and are much stronger so to advise darker skinned people anything other than to use spf minimum 30 is irresponsible.

  16. V- Fun

    I always stay in front of computer most of my time in a day. I rarely use suncream. Should I use it?

  17. Malak Hisham

    ik it’s super harmful but I stay under the sun for hours and I almost never get burnt, it’s always a super dark tan and I have medium white to olive skin :/

  18. Malak Hisham

    I don’t have to wear sunscreen if I’m always at my house tho right?

  19. ARE YOU ARMY? Min kook

    You look like the person who gets A on their science test🤯👏

  20. Kammy Chang

    Have you ever tried the Kate Somerville setting spray with SPF in it??

  21. fipz zzz

    mine is only spf 18 heee

  22. Marie Rivera

    I really love your video coz some beauty tips always show their face more than the facts about the product their are saying . You also did research for it. This is good and really help me . Thank you for sharing.

  23. Lynette Diaz

    This was so helpful!

  24. Mandy Hui

    Quick question, I always wonder if brushing your foundation on your face, damages the sunscreen layer?

  25. Debbee Topacio

    Good to know about the makeup spf.. its something that not many knows.. but how about those moisturiser or bb creams with spf30 are they as effective as sunscreen?

  26. kyliee c.

    I am actually alergic for the sun. I need to put on a maniral sunscrern everday or else i can't go outside. And you can say ny skin is healthy. But with my period i get 1 pimple. Every month idk why tho

  27. nick patel

    Herbal Choice Mari Natural SPF 30 Face & Body Butter, Face& Body Lotions,Day Creams,its REALLY AMAZING PRODUCTS THEY MAKE IT,i DEFINITELY RECOMMEND IT.
    Offers natural sun protection for the entire family using the earth mineral Zinc Oxide (77947) 21% (largest particle size used). The zinc oxide offers broad-spectrum UV-A and UV-B sun protection. We do not use nano particles as those tend to penetrate the body and is questionable as to how safe it is when seeped into your skin;

    Formulated in a body butter consistency to provide extra moisture to dry skin while it is being protected;

    The organic botanical oils offer healing properties while being exposed to the sun;

    Fragrance-free sunscreen for sensitive skin and for those allergic to scents;

    Offers a thick buttery feel that leaves the skin healthy looking with a glow;

    Packaged in a thick dark violet glass for those concerned about the toxic residues plastic emits when exposed to heat;

    This natural sunscreen is made in the USA with organic ingredients.

  28. Maria Hanif

    When we reapply sunscreen, should we clean our face first…??as the dirt particles would be sitting on face already,And how to re apply when wearing makeup…???

  29. Nani Yang

    Do I need to wear sunscreen under my eye????

  30. murd777

    When I see a video here and someone tells me to click "Like" on the video.. I go and click the "DISLIKE" automatic. So you know! I'm the 146th person finger down here.

  31. anayssa8874

    So do you use your oil before sunscreen aswell?

  32. Jill Therese

    Sunscreen is so important right? I spent my entire youth (lol) covered in sunscreen – and you can see such a big difference in my skin compared to my friends who spent a lot of time tanning. So crazy the damage that the sun can do, right? I LOVE these tips, thank you!

  33. WInnie Pauly

    Very interesting about the shadow.

  34. Millie

    but we still need to apply 1/4 tsp of sunscreen on our face ?? lol thats a lot

  35. Angela Turchi

    Your videos made me very interesting about skincare! I've been binge watching for the past days! I'm looking for a first good sunscreen, I found this on Amazon anyone ever tried it? -> Andre Lorent daily rehydrating sunscreen spf 30+. On which one would you advise me to buy? Xxx

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