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  1. Jason Spencer

    Love you guys personality and chemistry on camera. Plus your advice has my back feeling much better!

  2. Reviewing Children Toys -

    Your excercises are good but your presentation is to usually, I don’t know who to follow, both are doing excercises at the same time, anyway thanks!

  3. Landon Luna

    I’m a Student Physical Therapist Assistant, and I love watching your videos. You guys really embody creativity and fun, and I really hope to be a great therapist like you two one day! Mahalo from Hawai’i!

  4. thisisbob1001

    You guys rock!

  5. Jacinda Yazzie

    Keep up the great work this really help my lower back thank you guys

  6. John & Carol Bosko

    Can I do these exercises with sciatica? Love ball exercises

  7. Zoe marano

    Thank you so much! I really need this exercise for my back! you two are amazing and so funny 😀 I love watching all your videos. ]

  8. Ron' Rico

    Omg. U guys are to cool. And funny. Going to try these techniques today.

  9. Claudia Diaz

    Love you guys. Very Informative and always make me laugh. Keep doing what your doing. I have learned alot. I have knee and lower back pain. Can't wait to try these when my back gets better. God bless

  10. Rob Slagle

    I'm 5 weeks post-op for my 2nd laminectomy discectomy, what exercises do you recommend?

  11. Raymond Sabetta

    Tie your shoe Bob

  12. Eric Woodman

    Good information and also entertaining!

  13. Andrew Tan

    This gotta be CEU'S for watching this

  14. Jordan Hayes

    where is my intro song!! it's one of my favorite parts…

  15. Najo998 12

    are they suitable for herniated disc? please help

  16. Patty Gosselin

    I believe your work out balls need a bit more air.

  17. Carol Appling Osborne

    Good but may I suggest when supine on ball rest the head, neck and shoulders. Thanks!

  18. SpiritStones Coaching and Teaching.

    Hot Brad…..

  19. Rick Washek

    300,000 subscribers that's quite an accomplishment. Congrats

  20. najva n

    I just subscribed your channel..wow!!and today I bought a Swiss ball..such a wonderful coincidence..

  21. Barbara Forbes

    The red ball looks about two inches short for Bob cause his knees are a bit high.

  22. Codell Jones

    Hi Docs, I had back surgery and I used the ball and I loved it. I still use it for all exercises. And also for my shoulder surgery ( replaced) and used the ball. Thanks.

  23. gulshan moirangthem

    Please upload a videa about L4-L5 disc herniation.

  24. Karla Higuera

    Hi guys. Can you recommend some exercises stretching for pregnant women. Thanks (:

  25. Hadi Anwar

    maybe you can collaborate with jeff; athleanX channel…

  26. sundaresh ks

    what's your Facebook id

  27. kerry lattimore

    You guys need a good trainer.

  28. Marie Lemert

    Thank you for the advice against using the ball while working at a desk – I have a ball coming in the mail and I was thinking of using it at the laptop.

  29. Susan Williams

    Loved the exercise ball video!

  30. Kirsty Macfarlane

    Yay! You got your 300k subscribers, congratulations 🎊 🎊 🎊

  31. joy s C

    How long should one wait to start this type of exercise after back surgery with spinal fusion? Four & half weeks since surgery. Joi

  32. maskoftime

    Congratulations on 300k Subscribers Bob and Brad – Bravo! We are all so lucky to have your expertise and you deserve many more.

  33. BETTY G

    I love these guys. They have helped me so much.

  34. May Seventy

    are these exercises good for those with foraminal stenosis?
    great video 🙂

  35. peggy57sue

    Thanks for all the help with the videos. Really appreciate you sharing your knowledge for the rest of us.

  36. Katherine Driscoll

    Earlier I commented about chin tucks hurting. I tried today right after I woke up, in bed, with a pillow! Did not hurt! Yeah!
    My question, is this the same exercise working the same muscles? And will I improve to being able to not use the pillow?
    Thank you so much for your inspiration! You have no idea the good you are doing. Kisses 💋

  37. inci lakay

    zThanks from Turkey, Bodrum. We appreciate your help and want to thank you four you efforts to educate ua. Love from inci Lakay

  38. Doris Poders

    Have been using stability balls for more than 25 years. Am a fitness specialist. Thanks – Size makes a huge difference. 55c for folks up to 5 ft 4 – depending upon body structure – good one!

  39. Orchid Flower

    I have a question please.. I saw one of your videos before and you showed how not to do some forms of sit-ups, I do sit-ups from supine position with legs straight (only bent very little) with my physical therapist (without restricting the legs) and I only sit upright till becoming 90 degrees not all the way to touch the toes.. so can this still hurt the spine or may cause any harm to it? I also do bridging. So is it OK to do that form of sit-up since I do bridging and strengthening the back as well? [when I do sit-ups I try to not use momentum and not pull on my neck and try to keep my feet fixed on my own with the bed since I do it on a bed not the floor]

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