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  1. ruz the wizardo

    what video is exactly about what-how-car looks like and how it is "packed"

  2. Rachel Harris Furneaux-Harris

    I'm grateful for many things right now the presence of God in all my storms xx 🙏 ❤️

  3. Rachel Harris Furneaux-Harris

    You're very good at the make-up lots love girl x

  4. An-naturelover C

    🤗❤️thanks for the fun video Katie❤️🤗 your makeup looks👌🔥

  5. hannah fox

    I’m literally so happy that I found your channel! I’m always so excited to watch your videos and lovee how you’re so yourself in all of them. Seriously. Thank you.

  6. Kelly Collins

    the lotion pyramid at 13:55 cracked me up 😂
    also yay for using concealer everywhere instead of foundation! just don’t try to do it with the colourpop concealer like I did….. I have never looked so dehydrated in my LIFE 😬

  7. Lauren VanDerske

    “Is there an H in there…. maybe some numbers?”


  8. VicckyElizabeth

    GUUuurl I need me some makeup, like the base – foundation and concealer. I been on my skincare grind.
    I have oily acne prone skin(not relevant, but there you go lol)

    Also how annoying is it that concealers are many times 100% better than foundations, like also the match my face and neck – concealers. Anyone else?
    Aaaand everyone talking about weighted blankets, making me research them and really considering it. QUESTION, can you launder weighted blankets in the washing machine or anything special??

  9. Megan Webb

    Wait where did she get the T-shirt’s she mentioned???

  10. Jojo T

    What is the name of the polish?

  11. Jojo T

    Please update us on the polish!!

  12. Sherry Sherry

    Says "I just bought" 🤔
    5x's during no-buy Nov/Dec?? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  13. Victoria Millington

    Try the essence sub club bronzer! I’m pretty similar in color to you with similar preferences! I normally do it over cream products and it’s the best thing I’ve tried! Plus it’s $4 so that’s a bonus

  14. Brianna Anderson

    I love this video (and all of your videos)! These are so fun to watch 😍 I feel like a lot of people can find things they might not have found before that they end up loving!

  15. Lady Badger

    Im sry Katie, i didn't catch the brand of the waited blanket. You said that kinda fast.

  16. Belinda Carter

    Hi Katie, Cerave moisturizer, with the pump, is wonderful after shower and REALLY makes a difference! Drugstore product that’s quality, no fragrance and so good for dry skin. If you like beauty, ck out “Dr. Dray” on YouTube: life changing! She’s a dermatologist & uses her platform to educate abt all things skincare💕

  17. Darriane Chatman

    Why was I laughing so much during this video?
    1) Jouer prolly has numbers in it…
    2) if you wanna read me you’re gonna hafta work for it
    3) your description of the smell of the Brazilian bum bum cream
    You’re hilarious Katie! I love you.

  18. Chris Cadle

    How do you receive any mail/online purchases without an adress???

  19. Grant D Travels

    And make up….. New record… 3 seconds in and I'm done watching already. 😂😂😂

  20. Shirlyn’s Sleeve

    Just started to use Urban Decay setting spray & has been a game changer. Keeps my makeup looking fresh for my 18 hr days. 60 yr old Scottish Italian w/silver hair so foundation is always a challenge but JOAH which is Korean is a great low price brand under $10.00 BTW weighted blankets are a staple at the YWCA in our sexual assault unit for patients, especially for children.

  21. Lilly Wang

    Love ur glasses

  22. Brett Brett

    Go get a job

  23. Toyota Kawasaki

    Hey Katie. You keep doing what you are doing. Dont care about what other people say. You are beautiful. So just blow it off. I love you!!❤

  24. a olivestone

    IT cosmetics.com I would recommend that you try there bye-bye foundation I am 100% sure that it is gluten-free and the person who developed it suffers from rosacea on her cheeks and she works with the dermatologist to develop this product and it has SPF 50 which is really good I also recommend that you try Burts bees it’s really good lip balm it is better than any Chapstick I’ve ever trued and it’s really inexpensive you can buy at a target I just bought two for six and I’ve always used Burt bees 🐝 And it smells really good to

  25. Diego Ubarte

    I'm on a NO BUY mood too 😁…… I'm not buying anything….. because I have no money 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  26. leslie tam

    I read somewhere that nail polish chips more easily if you have thin nails because they bend more easily and that cracks the polish.
    I think gel is way more adhesive to itself and the nail so it doesn’t flake as much
    Which is also why manicures will last forever on acrylics. Because nails don’t bend

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