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  1. Haylee Haveron


  2. Cayla Brossman

    Are you testing Tatis sponges in the next video!? Lol

  3. RoDoz

    I want the Good as Gold palette so bad but I'm so happy I at least got the So Jaded one for Christmas. It made me sooooo happy <3 I'm obsessed with Colourpop shadows. And I don't get the butterfly either, they were butterfly crazy at one point xD My best friend also is scared of butterflies to the point she was banned from the butterfly house at the zoo for "accidentally" killing like 10 of them…

    I just use a teeny bit of the Nyx glitter base/primer for my eyelids and tap my finger in glitter carefully to put the glitter on my eyelid. Without a glitter primer I got fallout and it was so scary when I got a speck of glitter in my eye. But I do wish they would use environmentally friendly glitter in eyeshadow palettes. Especially Colourpop lol But even though they never had the warning before other high end brands did it more often like Anastasia.

    I don't like the elf poreless putty. I used it and it just made my makeup come off by the end of the day and made my foundation patchy. I do only put it where I really see my pores and it helps there, but in TINY amounts. I might go and get their new matte one and see if it works. I have oily/combo skin and I think a lot of people that type had the same problem as me. Which was sad because 1. I can't find a good drugstore primer and NEED one 2. Everyone and their mom is raving about it and I can't make it work for the whole face lol

  4. Kaitlin Ramsbacher

    🦋🦋🦋 yes please! I couldn’t keep up with all the launches it was so overwhelming 😩

  5. Taelor Ann

    I saw a new mascara called Bambi eyes today (L’Oréal maybe?)

  6. Lynne Rose

    Why would you pick the butterfly emoji when you’re scared of butterflies? 🦋 you’re gonna be too terrified to scroll through these comments 😂

  7. Elisha Nichols

    🦋🦋 Love you Rachel 🦋🦋

  8. fairiedreams

    anti-haul for the win. Also, testing of the Violet Voss palettes? Maybe in that one. I got the best life palettes but interested in their neon ones!

  9. Stephanie Kenneway

    Is my phone being weird or does Rachel need to clear her throat? It's really bothering me

  10. FrannyLuvsAll

    🦋 the Shane x Jeffree collab looked beautiful but I’d never wear most of the colors and not into liquid lips so didn’t even attempt to purchase

  11. Meg Richardson

    Hey Rach! Have you tried the Thrive Causemetics mascara? I just got it recently and have been LOVING it. I hadn’t uses a tubing mascara since early high school maybe. It also holds curl like nothing else!

  12. Karissa

    Editing Rachel is on fire today 😂❤️❤️

  13. Stephanie Nguyen

    🦋- Huge YES for an anti-haul!! There needs to be more sassy Rachel, she needs more airtime.

  14. Becky Tarango

    When you said perfection I thought of Chandler saying "gum would be perfection" in Friends 😂

  15. asanc5

    Tati’s palette had the disclaimer if I remember correctly. People talked about it when it came out.

  16. Amy Surget

    Can you do a clean make up look for people that are concerned about using such unregulated chemicals while pregnant?

  17. jody MacGillivray

    When I use the Urban Decay brow blade and then set it with a clear brow gel it turns green… I feel you.

  18. S. E. Sullivan

    andrea matilliano is Also freaked out by butterflies, and ive had 3 friends who strongly didnt like them for one reason or the other

  19. Veritaserum

    You're gonna have tati on aren't you??????

  20. Alyssa Smith

    Your makeup video has really helped me the past couple of days.. on Thursday I lost my house to a fire where I lost pretty much everything. All my makeup is gone , but Watching your videos is giving me the distraction & my love for makeup.

    Thank you for the distraction ❤️

  21. KatieDoesWhatever


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