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  1. Sarojin Abhi

    You made me laugh so many times here.

  2. Jamie Z

    So bummed to find out that the It Cosmetics tinted moisturizer is not vegan friendly. Thank you so much for making such an informative video.

  3. Rayne Mcalees

    Omg that is totally the same photo

  4. mamajules2018

    Ok, so talking about the tools… I’m studying to be an esthetician (I have a little less than 50 hours left before I become licensed)

    1. The jade rollers (I can’t speak for the nurse Jamie). They are not going to get rid of wrinkles. It’s used to drain excess crap and fluid built up in your skin. The lymph is at the very very top of your epidermis, so you don’t apply any pressure in order for it to work. It’s going to make you look (for a lack of a better word) awake. You will have a more glowy appearance when used correctly. Any time you’re using this, you need to have it go from the center of your face, down to the front of your ear.

    2. Please do NOT use the PMD microdermabrasion. It can cause serious damage and honestly, it shouldn’t be sold to anyone that isn’t trained on how to use it. There are so many “horror” stories of people using this product because it can leave streaks on your face and a lot of people over-exfoliate with it.

    3. Dermaplaning is not meant to remove peach fuzz. It is simply an added bonus! Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation of the skin. Think of it like microdermabrasion, except you are 1) using a scalpel & 2) getting rid of peach fuzz. It’s a really wonderful treatment especially since another added bonus is easier, smoother makeup application! The product they are selling is simply a razor for your face (which I wouldn’t spend more than a couple of bucks on). To get the added benefits of dermaplaning is to actually get one from a licensed professional!

    Hope this helps 🙂

  5. Lesley Goldberg

    I have looked into snail as an ingredient and there are companies that harvest the slime in a way that does not harm the snail. I don’t know if IT Cosmetics s is one of them but I don’t think it is fair to assume that every company is cruel in its manufacturing process.

  6. Patti Killelea-Almonte

    This was an incredibly informative and helpful video. Thank you.

  7. Sharon Shade

    I love my Clarisonic, it helped clear small bumps appearing on my cheeks and hairline. I will try the eye serum and moisturizer you recommended. 👍

  8. jimena hidalgo

    Thanks for this video, I only going to get the eye serum from skyn😀😀

  9. K Murphy

    Thank you Jen! Appreciate your research and also your opinions on the products, this is saving me and I'm sure a LOT of us on unnecessary impulse purchases, thank you!

  10. colombiana Yulisa

    Would you say the ordinary tonic is the same as pixi glow tonic?

  11. Ronda Meier

    Have to fully disagree with you on the tarte l, c, l, mascara…..and no thank you on the benefit junk! And lime crime is good…and I've never been impressed with anything philosophy has… Thank you for the thoroughness you do! So awesome!!

  12. nxri

    people OBSESSED about Mario badescu

  13. April Jordan

    Gonna be real honest…the kylie lippies..tried several because I'm on a Facebook page and everyone said how amazing they are, their favorite, blah blah blah..they're complete garbage! Maybelline matte ink blows them away imho.

  14. Kailyn Handrahan

    Just skips right over Kylie lip kits lmao 😂

  15. Laura Rambler

    I thought you Mario Badescu was good last time. that's why I wanted to buy their toner this time around. but I could be confusing you with a different YouTuber. definitely heard that from someone tho

  16. Stevisgirl Daniels

    A Dermatologist once said most skincare is just water and wax lol

  17. Yeah it's Laura

    I appreciate all of your time and research so much, that you are the ONLY YouTubed that I will not “skip ad”s during your videos. You deserve every penny that you make! Thank you, Jen, for all of the research that you put into your ingredient reviews. If Jen won’t use it, I won’t use it! 😊

  18. Stevisgirl Daniels

    I have the Vixen wing stamp and it's thinner and a longer wing. Just works for me and definitely faster for me.

  19. HotMess Mum

    That buxom liner was also $9 at Sephora lol

  20. Nicole Banker

    I don't know how it took me so long to find you. You're always so informative. Thank you for sharing!! ❤❤

  21. Emily Hodgdon

    Well shoot, I use the Mario Badescu glycolic acid toner. Time to switch. Any recommendations for normal/aging skin?

  22. Fae Lyn

    Great video Jen!! Loaded with so much great info

  23. Michelle Madsen

    Thank you so much for this! Even though I wasn't planning on buying any skincare products during this sale, I know what ingredients to look out for in the future. You're amazing for doing this!

  24. TaraLee Smith

    I’m allergic to grapefruit so if it’s in any skincare or perfume I can’t use it. I’m always reading the ingredients because of this but I don’t know nearly half of what you’ve taught me today. It’s amazing!

  25. Lanae A

    The MB enzyme cleansing gel is terrible glad I threw mine out… great video as always Jen!

  26. Jamison Steininger

    Sorry but you can't tell me the people at perricone would just throw just harmful ingredient's in skin care, sell it , market it and not do their research I feel like three is so much disinformation out there and I'm worried YouTube might be more incidius

  27. hickchicklori

    The only products I've used where I saw a big difference in my fine lines was the ordinary matrixyl serum and Vichey products. When I'm done using current stuff I'm going back to those products.

  28. anyKRules

    “It’s a Cheeto.” 😂 you got me there, Jen

  29. Lisa Smith

    I was not in love with the sale. I got the UD powder, some Ulta brushes, some body washes and a couple lotions. I just haven't been inspired. Great video. Love the details. Have a great weekend. Luv ya…❌✖❌

    I use Mario badescu drying lotion 👀I love it…👀

  30. redfly5937

    Thank you for being informative, opinionated, and well researched without being bitchy or catty. Truly appreciate your type of information and education! Tired of all the "bitchy and rude cuz I think it's cute" garbage out these days. You are in a class of your own in this youtube world, thank you.

  31. nicole carlson

    I’m allergic to mint- can’t eat it smell it or touch it without issues. Y’all it is in SO MANY products!! Between spearmint, peppermint, rosemary (in the same family), and menthol there are entire lines with very little for me…looking at you Bite Beauty lippies and Fourth Ray face milks!! I wish it showed up less frequently🤷🏻‍♀️

  32. Michelle Garrett

    Lmfaoooo. “Philosophy skin care is crap.” Philosophy ad plays

  33. Sirama

    Mario Badescu, Philosophy, and Lancome for me are the worse brands you could use for your skin. Full of perfum, alcohol, and other stripping ingredients that will hurt you in the long run. I don't know how such high end lines ask for that much money. You expect that list of ingredients in drug store skincare.

  34. Natalie Watson

    I trust no one but you. Haha

  35. mads

    finally someone calls out mario badescu.. theyre products annoy me so much i avoid them even if a product is fine. love the packaging tho

  36. Adrianna Bruni Craft and Design Co.

    When it comes to the snail slime…there are places that do believe happy snails make more slime…. So not all places that provide snail slime are bad 🤦

  37. aygo

    Can’t wait for the Lipstick Queen Medieval Queen items to be on sale on the 17th! I got the mini lipstick and love it, color and how hydrating it is. Very balmy with such a nice color! That will be the one thing I’ll get!

  38. MaryBeth Ritter

    THANK YOU for explaining what is in Mario Badescu products! I definitely had my head in the sand with that one. No wonder my skin freaked out with the enzyme gel.

  39. Taylor Bryn

    Jen!!!! Unrelated to the 21 Days content but HEY GIRL your skin looks beautiful in this video! Just wanted to pop by and say that in the middle of watching lol

  40. Mina Lobo

    I dig that you put up links to other YouTubers' 21 Days of Beauty videos – very cool of you!

  41. Alicia N

    I’m also starting to grow out my grays. It’s good to see someone on YouTube doing it

  42. Lulu On Beauty and Life

    Hmmm, I feel like I was listening to Paula Begoun. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. When you mentioned they used to get squalane from shark livers (which is absolutely true) is what crossed the line, to me. That was a bit sensational, headline grabber, etc. The good advice about cleansers with aha or bha is to use them on dry skin, let sit a bit (Brush your teeth? Clean a makeup brush from the morning?) and then add water to cleanse. Doing this daily, will keep your skin exfoliated and fresh without being hard and can let you skip or lessen the frequency the exfoliating step in your skincare. Just a thought. Cheers, Lulu

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