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  2. LaPinkCrayola

    I wouldn’t t physically attack someone regardless how how mad I get Mars in cancer

  3. gaby vargas

    💀💀 gonna go buy some meditating books asap

  4. Aqua

    My Mars is in Cancer 😬 (2nd house) .. My Venus is in Aries (11th house) !!!

  5. Kat

    Mars in cancer in 7th house. Yes this is true

  6. KatXYZ

    Kill everybody in the playground 😂😂😂😭😭

  7. laura b

    I had a mars in cancer teacher once 20 years ago. started thinking about him again. he threatened several times to beat me with a stick, (he liked me and there is more to this story). and once he took me alone to the teachers lounge. hes now in a position of power even greater in politics. but Ill leave it alone.

  8. islandzoe

    All facts.. poor me !

  9. Onyx Moon

    Murderous, Morose, & Loyal. 🌞

  10. HeIsMylove480

    I’m a Leo sun, Libra Moon, but my mars is in cancer & in the 7th house & you have been directly flaming me 😭

  11. Ase Queen


  12. EarthAngelBre

    wow, I am falling in love with astrology. I know this about myself but my natal chart makes it make sense. I have a marz in cancer and the other day I acknowledge the fact I need to work on my anger bc I don't want to allow my anger to get out control landing me in big trouble. Being balance also plays an important role in life!

  13. kkellyvera

    I died laughing. Thank you and much appreciated

  14. Charlie Amy

    Mars in cancer retrograde in 5th house

  15. HeartOfGore

    aaaahhh having mars in cancer and leo in venus ooooof

  16. HeartOfGore


  17. Catherine Hinners

    Mars in cancer in the 7th house – 28 degrees with Pisces moon / Aries Sun and Aries in Mercury … on a spiritual journey and really cannot let my guard down — I always have to pay attention to my anger management. I will be passive until i explode and I have had to learn that being angry is OK! … BUT hurting others with words (my primary weapon) or by pushing them around (ugh like the dog which i really really try to just walk away from) is NOT OK!!! That is a big challenge …. and yoga and meditation has been the only thing that has helped! To acknowledge my anger and then CHOOSE to walk away until I can come back and be calm. As a younger person, i was SUCH a BITCH but only in my family zone … especially my significant other. Because it is in my 7th house, I found that dating a Cancer man works very very well for me (even though I am an Aries). He is firm about my temper and helps me to keep it soft!

  18. Ann Tyler

    Aries sun and venus 4th house
    Mars in cancer 7th house
    Square pluto in libra 10th

  19. Merrisa Brown

    On point. I have had a lot of struggles with accountability, especially when I was younger. I have so much anger especially bc of things I have been through w my family… quick to jump on those who hurt the ones I love. That’s what I get w a mars in cancer and a Leo sun. Unwavering loyalty

  20. Cruz96 Productions

    My Mars in cancer.. this describes why I was about to shoot up somebody house cause they stole from my friend

  21. Liam Jerez

    Well I'm pretty messed up lol… I'm an Aries sun, Gemini moon, Scorpio Ascendant, & Mars in Cancer 🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. ForeverDreamWithinADream

    I have mars in cancer, but don't really get super angry. Most of the time I don't feel many strong emotions and when I do, I usually cry alone (you really have to push me to really really get angry and do have issues with my mom. She is the one who gets angry way too easily). I am a Gemini though and have a short attention span (I hated most sports, but learning Kung Fu sounds fun) unless it is something I really like and more interest in music or working on a project than dealing with people. Been backstabbed to many times and not interested in petty drama and nobody really talks to me anyways.

  23. TAM libra

    Libra with Mars in cancer fem I parent my parents lol I hate it lol I use to fight when I was in a kid lol I'm i meditate a lot I almost stabbed my brothers eye out yes I'm the innocent kid lmao I always use to hit other kids for no reason…yeah give me that libra cancer balance ewild

  24. allyS.

    Mars in Cancer in the 10th house and Moon in Leo in the 11th, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN😂 both of them means I borderline kill someone that crosses me? 😂

  25. C.V .A.C

    Just because Chris brown hurt Rihanna it doesn’t mean every person with their cancer in mars is aggressive or abusive !

  26. Gigi Libra

    I’m a cancer Mars Scorpio Venus. I’m ready to fight and stab someone if they mess with the ones I love

  27. Donna A Bartell

    yes, yes and yes

  28. ballingliketheraptors

    Big L has this placement

  29. Candy Girl

    Wow knowing this no makes sense bc I always say this line to people when I get salty mad “I told you I can be the nicest thing to you but I can be you worst nightmare with claws going on you” also my sun ♉️ so it kinda makes my I told you so ego or just hinting at it coming out in a salty way

  30. Its A Goddess

    Wtf chris brown mars in cancer. 😭😭😭😂🤣🤣

  31. Terran Davis

    I have Mars in cancer but my Mars is in the 3rd house.

  32. Messi Finessi

    Cardi B, Picasso, Keeanu Reeves & Shakespere and my ex lol …Interesting placement

  33. Hilda’s Mood

    my crush is an Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon, Aries Venus, Cancer Mars man 🤦🏾‍♀️

  34. Junior D'Aquila

    Mars in cancer, sun conjunct mars, moon trine mars, mars square asc, mars conjunct north node, mars conjunct Saturn, mars square Jupiter, mars square Pluto, and mars conjunct mc. Sun mars Venus mc and north node all in 10th house

  35. Sul Sul

    I've seen a few people mention "the switch"
    oh boy is it true. Lock me up in room and leave me there once i turn lmao
    Its uncontrollable steamy rage bursting from within ( I'm aware the entire time but even i cant console myself )
    I'm working on it though – it's fairly rare

  36. charissecoal

    i have mars in cancer square pluto =/ im a nice person but for the love of god please don't piss me off.

  37. Yasouuu UwU

    I guess I’m the more evolved mars in cancer because I have Pisces in moon 🌙 but I relate to the not knowing what to do with your anger ohhh and the looking innocent. The thing is I don’t have issues with my mom we actually get along VERY well

  38. The Strange Adventures of Angel

    Omg I have wanted a punching bag my whole life! I think I'm gunna purchase one, when I can! xD

  39. ana rose

    Mars in cancer , venus in leo , what does this mean ?

  40. Saurabh Verma

    Hey.. I am your fan from India .. can you check my horoscope .. 12 June 1993 , 8 30 am , meerut , up , india ❤️.. I have Mars in cancer and I am a cancer ascendant

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