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  1. Rin Rayne

    Heidi I am 22 weeks pregnant and would love to be able to chat with you about safe home and gym workouts for prenatal and post birth… =] I have no idea how to actually email you, so please if you can reply back.

  2. Chanie Weinstock

    hi wish to be chosen was trying to get n touch by the program but didnt know howbe chosen luv the shows

  3. Tara Rowe

    i love you both

  4. Senn2729

    I went to the site to sign up but their is nothing their is casting still going on ?? I really want and need this for my self. Thanks again.

  5. Joanne Canonigo

    Hi guys, when can i watch season 6? I search it but not here yet in youtube , can't wait to see it , I am actually 75kg , 23 years old only, single, people looking at me like am the worse ugliest woman in the world, if I am stress my comfort zone is food and it is started when I was a kid and that's when my mother left me. My life is boring, no excitement. I am alone. No one care and love me. one time, I tried to took my own life but God is good all the time, He showed to me the reason why i should stay alive and positive because I love dogs, and I promise to myself to loss weight so I can help more dogs living in the streets. I hope to succeed. I am now on my way to a better life and future. 🙂

  6. Patrick Star

    You guys inspire me to help others

  7. Alexi Skondin

    I hope you start casting for season 7 soon! I need your guidance more now than ever!

  8. Tonya Day

    when is the next time someone can apply. I went to the link and it is closed now. Please let me know when I can apply please. thanks

  9. MissMocha1000

    I've pushed my wedding back a few times due to my weight. Many other health issues due to being overweight. I wanted to do the casting but noticed the casting has already ended. Praying to lose over 80 lbs before January 2017.

  10. Kevin Miller

    I only just submitted my entry and it's May 2nd, I hope I'm still eligible? Does anyone know when they're going to actual start casting season 6? I hope I'm not too late? Thanks!

  11. Michelle Wolf

    I don't need weight loss because I'm already fit, but whoo! I'm excited for the new shows! It always motivates me to do better and be a better trainer too.

  12. beautiful tragedy

    I love u guys!! I used to weigh 300lbs by the time i was 14! I lost it all but in a bad way. My mom used to find me blacked out in the hall way, I started hurting myself to over come emotional pain, I never let them see me cry though. When my mom would find me I would get yelled at in a certain way, they never thought anything of it, due to bad family problems and fighting with my dad and having her own abusive relationship. I have been struggling  my entire life. I lost my mom from pancreatic cancer years later. I've had alot of nos in my life including the voice tryouts. I would send in a video to chris and heidi but I am not dangerously obese, And I wouldnt want to be chosen when someones life could be in danger, I give everything to others before myself I always have.. but i want to help ppl so bad i cant stand it. I was teased so bad, kids would throw food at me in the cafeteria and make bets on me eating it,when I would sit in my desk all the boys would shake theirs and yell earth quake, on the bus they teased me, yelling out ohh everyone,clear 3 seats cagle bagle is getting on (my last name was cagle) or hide ur lunch boxes shes gonna eat ur food.. I  am 3o now  I am trying to count calories and do  things the healthy way.. I would give anything to meet with Chris and Heidi, to give me advice on how to do this the right way. Its sad not really having family members to back you and a dad that was never there. My parents left me alone in ga at age 15 mom met a guy online and dad then met a women online. I felt free but lonely. It was very hard. My mom finally came to get me due to childs services threatened to be called on her I lived behind windixie for a few weeks until they put me with my sister who wasn't better off and lived with a couple crack heads, no joke I slept on a chewed up dog bed in the clutter room… I have always been torn apart since then. She tried to make it right before she died but we never got that 100% bond. I just need to help ppl, Its what I am here for. I am moving to acworth ga march 14th. I  watch this show all the time, it motivates me. But still I'd give anything to meet with them, passionate ppl, that might understand me I cry every time I watch the shows they change ppls lives, they save lives..I relate alot with the clients and its sad feeling all alone. 

  13. Hunter Shroff

    I applied for the show and will be at the Sacramento Casting call. I have been in a battle since I was old enough to remember and I just pray I may get the opportunity of a life time. See everyone there wish everyone luck.

  14. Michael Hutton


  15. Ainsley Peacock

    Chris and heidi,it would be a pleasure to meet you! I have struggled with weight loss for years,and ive just about tried everything in my power to lose between eating right and motivation to excircise,i just cant seem to do it.it would be a great experience to be on the show and lose my what i have waited for weight!

  16. mama27f

    Hi I've been trying to get a hold of you all Heidi replied she's good at that I applied and recieved an email from your casting team. You asked my city and state that's it. Can someone let me know what's happening??

  17. Kenneth Ault

    Chris Hidi getting picked for EWL  would turn my entire life around all the whispers about me would stop and I would do whatever Chris wanted me to do every goal he gave me I would crush it

  18. Kenneth Ault

    Chris Hidi I just pre registered and word would not be able to tell you how much it would mean to me if you chose me I have battled my weight all of my teenage life and most of my adult life and I am ready for a new me and a new life so please please pick me thanks for all the inspiring stories on EWL

  19. Nikki Luther

    I applied! 🙂

  20. Michelle Payne

    This help would be a dream come true.

  21. Kristin Thomas

    Just pre-registered! Can't wait! Praying I get chosen in nashville!

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