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  1. Yeshuah Acha

    I really love mists! It's really on the go! 😍😍😍

  2. Claire Avent

    Aaah! Stop saying facial mist!!!! Lol 😂

  3. Alex Flax

    Will this be available in cvs like some of there other products ???

  4. Savanna Brewton

    Totally unrelated to the video, but I need help lol! I have SUPER oily eyelids and I need an eyeshadow primer/base to keep my liners and mascara from transferring and eye shadow from creasing throughout the day. I’ve found a few ways to make products last a little better, but I’m hoping one of you lovely subs could help me! Thanks in advance xo💕

  5. Hellokitty

    you seem like just the most awesome person 💖💖 always so cheerful and bubbly! we need more people like you! I always feel happy when having watched your videos 💗

  6. Fevirly A. Metzen

    Im loving mist lately. I tried aloevera mist from nature republic. Its very hydrating and toning yout skin. And they smells so good as well. Thanks for sharing. I have dry dull skin. I have a hot or warm skin and itchy skin too and turns red when i do exercise/workout

  7. Caro & Neli

    Love mists!! I'll try these from Elisa coy, specially the one after working out because I have the same issue as you. They look pretty good. Thank you for the hacks!!

  8. Carla M

    Wonder if this brand is only online or sold in any stores

  9. str c

    Whats the best for GLASS SKIN?what foundation or cream are you wearing in thia video?thanks!

  10. charliefoxx81

    thanks for this! I'm a total newbie when it comes to mist bc my skin is super sensitive and doesn't like scents or too many chemicals. Would these be good for sensitive skin? sorry if you said so in the video and i didn't catch it .. also what foundation are you using? its beautiful

  11. Marmee Noir

    I use a mist in my office (I overheat easily) and have been asked if I was vaping at my desk 🙈 more people need to learn about mists!

  12. nabong

    im early yay

  13. Mike and Lizzy


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