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  1. La Felix

    she was hot before and after

  2. r4zorfce

    She didn't even look pretty after afterwards imo…

  3. lynchinjesus

    she was already beautiful before they did the effect i do not understand.

  4. Karah


  5. Ettena Erika

    i feel sad for people who envy models… they should see this and their oppinion would change!

  6. Aleu

    This is a great vid, but you can't really blame the people who are doing this. It's their job. You should blame yourself for buying into it.

  7. codeagent47

    fuck advertisting…liers make us to spend money!!!!

  8. Jkouw

    she looks good at both the beggining and at 00:37 but not so great at the end its sad that they do that to people

  9. lungovw

    Would be possible to get the list of products that were used onto her? Tha t is real good stuff!! If someone puts a kit on ebay I would certainly buy it.

  10. Simppa77

    I am happy to have my girlfriend just the way she is…and she is the most beautiful girl in my life.

  11. StrawberryBigMac

    sad?..how ugly she was before?

  12. Geri Toohey

    omg yea i seen that before….it does make you feel better about your appearance

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