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  1. LoveBeautyFun7

    I got chills…
    Gods hand is all over her.

  2. itsme!!

    Thts my girl

  3. nzinga zindua

    Beautiful voice, beautiful song, beautiful woman and beautiful life. I love u Fantasia, my lil' Sis. Don't let them change u. Stay strong and black.

  4. Marysa Ada

    LMBO BRIAN THOUGH! hahah 🙂

  5. Nicole Mock

    Fantasia is such an inspiration her testimony is soooo awesome and so many people can relate to her story…… Sending my love all the way from Winston-Salem, NC. Fantasia keep doing what God has called you to do!!!!!! Be bless

  6. Jacqueline Purcell

    So inspired. I Love Fantasia. Straight from the heart. I Bless you Fantasia.
    Much Love my siSTAR.

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