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  1. RamGlick 2K

    Doctor: You have exactly 1 minute and 30 seconds to live

  2. Yuwan

    Nazism in a Nutshell.

  3. Amudha Narmadha

    I know the definition of insanity is thinking Far cry 3 is just a game…

  4. Akhil Nair

    Nacho finally became as crazy as tuco .

  5. Matias Velázquez

    The French Yellow Vests in a nutshell.

  6. Thomas H Vance

    "The earliest strong match known to QI appeared in October 1981 within a Knoxville, Tennessee newspaper article describing a meeting of Al-Anon, an organization designed to help the families of alcoholics. The journalist described the “Twelve Steps” of Al-Anon which are based on similar steps employed in Alcoholics Anonymous". -Research by Quote Investigator

  7. Chris Burdick

    Jason held his breath for at least a minute. How did he not drown?

  8. Bill Cosby

    Anyone see this in the new borderlands


    cod matches in a nutshell

  10. some guy

    Did i ever tell you the definition of insanity is?

  11. Elijah Beach

    No no no this time the next call of duty will be good

  12. player tomek

    Michael Mando is the actor….he is in Better Call Saul.

  13. خالد - Khalid

    Yeah instead shooting him in the head I'll just throw him off a cliff

  14. Sckope McArdle

    Best game in the franchise the subliminal messaging is ON POINT!

  15. Fielynn

    Fun fact, when I was playing this game for first time, at this part when he tosses you into a water, I've started choking with a fucking donut, and I didn't knew If I'm supposted to save myself in game to not drown, or myself irl to not suffocate. I must say, it would be really uncomfortable way to die. But hey, I've survived in both lives.

  16. Freesmart Channel

    Far Cry is perfect

  17. C C

    Vaas was the sole reason why people brought Far Cry 3.

  18. Zagoreni02A

    Ah Voss, he is fucking awesome character, one of best antagonists in the game. "Learn the theory of Insanity or Voss will get you!" hehehe, he is new Freddy.

  19. Velet Düşmanı

    Vaas talking to ubisoft

  20. PhaseRunner


  21. T O M A T O

    ew x box

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