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  1. Miraculosa

    Perfect looks ever! Pleased make one of these styling videos every week😍😍😍😍😍 total inspiration for every wardrobe.

  2. Tiffers J

    I love love love your channel 💕💕. Random question, but which size are your earrings? Medium or large. I love them

  3. bratgirltedi

    I like the styling!!! Thank you for this! 💋


    I think I prefer the normal vlog camera that you use "Leica" I think the quality is better more sharp and clear. btw love your content as always. I never really watched your video to see about fashion but I love your personality the way you work, how you think. especially when you are with your family and nephew. it kinda like get to know you even more and also when you talk about the LOA that is the topic that I love the most.i believe in it and live my life base on it for a very long time. Love you xoxo

  5. I B

    I neither like the brown nor the grey jimmy choo bag 🙈 but the rest looks amaaazing on you💗

  6. Zabeth 13

    I recall when white shoes were a "no no" after the first week of September and not before the end of May. My favorite looks on you were the short shirts and the layers. Very pleasing to the eye and unexpected in a funky way. Thank you for the information on your horn necklace. On the work segment, it seems my French cousins live for vacation and that is all they talk about. Here in the US overtime is the norm and we are lucky to take a two-week vacation. It is just the way we are programmed to live. As they say in all the quotes, you get back what you put in. That applies to not only work but relationships, etc You have exceptional work ethics. Your message is powerful and clearly working for you and an inspiration to others.

  7. HelenDrew10

    Love your videos! Where is your watch from please? x

  8. Peter Villaver

    We ALL work hard! That’s all I need this Monday. Thank you, lovely Tamara! P.S. i miss you saying hello my lovelies in your intros! 😊😊😊 Lots of Love from the Philippines!

  9. Sassy Sarah

    You have THE BEST fashion style on youtube

  10. Lucija Cetin

    TBH best pair of boots Jimmy Choo ever came out with were the heated Voyager boots you wore last year. 😀 What a dream come true winter shoes!

  11. mademoiselle

    I haven’t had a chance to watch the other video, but I totally appreciate the sentiment. I feel like what you’re saying is along the lines of “practice makes perfect”. If you spend time perfecting your craft, you become a master (no matter what it is), and you’ll excel above others who have perhaps not put in the same level of effort. Of course in any given situation there are some people who are naturally gifted but they’re the exception. I’ve always admired you since we met in Dallas at the RS conference a few years back. Even then you were hard working, emphatic about your job, and you were so welcoming, kind and smart. So happy to see you continuing to succeed and do well! ❤️

  12. fashion_tidbits

    But you are the queen of layering

  13. Natalija Petrovic

    COME TO AUSTRALIA TAMARA!! Melbourne Fashion week awaits you!

  14. Jess Sarpi

    Hey tamara! Thanks for your last motivational video!! it actually helped me yesterday when i has lots of IBS pain…it made me think if Tamara feels stabby pain and is still strong I can Too!!! It made my day feel alot easier because i kept telling myself I feel strong and i had a very proactive day even though i didnt feel the best…Btw i have seen a doctor and had lots of tests and hope i wont have IBS forever but when i have a flare up i find my mindset definetly helps if i dont feel so much like a victim

  15. Oana Craciunescu

    I hate it when people say that if you have epilepsy you can’t work, you can’t provide for yourself or your family. I have epilepsy and i do work. It is true that i do sometimes have to remember to not work too hard or too many hours i need to remind myself that i need to rest in order to avoid a seizure but other than that i love to work and i love my job…

  16. Justine Leconte officiel

    There are always a couple of people who will take what you say, twist it in the way they interpret it & get offended. You can't plan for all possible misunderstandings before saying something, or else you won't be able to say anything anymore… It's up to every person watching to understand that what you say comes from your own subjectivity, experience, education, etc. and should only be assessed as such. If that makes sense(?). 🙂

  17. Lea Smigmator

    Love your videos! You are so positive, you work so hard to reach your goals. When I watch your videos I feel so inspired and that is why you stand out from all your colleagues in my opinion! You go girl! I'm with you since you started filming! Loads of love from Zagreb 💖💖💖💖

  18. citygirlscrafttoo

    Love all of the pieces and the way you styled them. I need that camel colored bag. 😍

  19. Icandoit

    #TamaraxBookseries 📚✨

  20. Morena Cavuto

    Just LOOOVE your motivational speech!

  21. Aakansha Shewakramani

    Oh yes, loved every single look of yours truckloads! Those Jimmy Choo boots are to die for 😍😍😍 x themavenlifestyle.com PS I LOVE WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT ZARA FAST FASHION, thank you. I love you for saying this ♥️

  22. Aakansha Shewakramani

    Oh my babe. I love you so much. You are my one and only source of major majorrrr fashion inspiration. I hope you get a chance to come to DXB soon, I would love to meet you and have meaningful conversations with you !!! X themavenlifestyle.com

  23. Tin Bernas

    You are gorgeous 😍😍

  24. Bereal

    Great talk at the end

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