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  1. rosalba robles

    Do you HAVE to put in lemon

  2. Marilyn Andrews

    Drink it after yhu eat or wah

  3. Heather Kellogg

    Working on trying to lose some weight and apple cider vinegar has helped in the past

  4. fendi peach1

    My day #2😁

  5. Syamil Kheirudin

    hi is it okay if i dont put black peppers in it? Or shall i put white pepper instead if i dont have the black pepper?

  6. Mikayla Ragsdale

    how many times can i drink this a day? i wanted to do morning and night turmeric shots

  7. TheShaszay

    Is it mandatory to boil the water because I don’t boil it I just mix and drink

  8. Abs Max

    Hey hun..how much weight did you lose drinking this?

  9. yridiana rivera

    i love your videos cuz they are straight to the point! i love it!

  10. karmiña vittilly

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  11. Destiny Rose

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  12. Shable McHerrin

    Has anyone discovered a recipe that helps with the taste …. Apple cider vinegar and tumeric have such a strong taste (nasty 😭)

  13. Jeny Mitchell

    If you get into some amazing toning techniques after, I'd love to learn what works

  14. Green eyed Red head

    ACV is wonderful! It definitely helps my pH!

  15. marisa sanchez

    Hi hun I was just wondering what else you had mixed in with the Turmeric want to try this out.

  16. My Blended Family Venetta Bryant

    New sub informative content

  17. faye lh

    I am going to try this drink. I am trying to lose weight too, but it is such a struggle. I love food so much.

  18. Wise Lady

    Nice video 🙂

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