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  1. Snake Diet



  2. laura s

    48 hours into my latest fast. I'm also as physically active as possible. A car accident took 2inches from my spine (I still walk without ANY meds) My question is this. Despite the spinal damage I still have a 5'9 frame though I'm now 5'7 . Should I fast down to a good weight for my frame or my actual height?

  3. Andy Walls

    If you’re cutting, why not just fast. You are so full of shit, but you crack me up!

  4. Katherine Bryan

    You're pretty wise.

  5. Omar Echeverria

    My gf and I just started the snake diet but we both are already lean and workout pretty hard(CrossFit 4-5 times a week) . Started with a 38hr fast then omad but we've noticed that our sex drive has been low since we started.. anyone else have this problem?

  6. A A

    Hey Cole, your rants are hilarious! I've been laughing my balls off, everyone in many family talks like you, you feel like family dude, I just If you did comedy you could become a millionaire, try it.

  7. Screech Powers

    I don’t think you could be any dumber

  8. Taylor Holden

    Thank you for that porn/sex rant! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 health isn’t limited to food.

  9. Josh Stoppard

    Preach it brother!

  10. Lymphatic Warrior

    Will fasting fix my lawnmower fella have a great day…All the way from the UK we can hear you swearing keep it up….

  11. pat ty

    I just found this guy or should I say took the time to lessen wow i am a fatty.
    221 lbs 5 ‘ 2 not good.
    So 70 hrs ago I said I can do this , iam down 8 lbs
    Going to do 7 days why not !

  12. Ali130583

    "I can yell at motherfuckers until I'm 100". oh my god, I DIED laughing!!!

  13. philalloco

    Coke helps the diet too lol

  14. Jacinta Tee

    Why is he yelling tho? We’re fat, not deaf.

  15. Jose Cantu

    Yes sir, thanks for all the info. Working on a 4 day dry fast. I've done a 5 day dry fast before, other than that I've been doing 24s and intermittent. I slacked off and gained some weight back so it's time for this fatty to stop eating !

  16. TheDannyAdventures

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong w mysoginy.

  17. Indian Rider

    I have learned to be uncomfortable. Beauty is pain.

  18. DLKS 10

    Its unreal how switched on cole is

  19. Trigga holic

    Does farting help me burn calories ?

  20. Ryan

    Why have you got a Spider-Man in the boot ?

  21. Adulting with Shannon

    Can you do a workout video in the gym for women. 💪😁

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