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  1. Emilia Shafir

    I love your workouts!

  2. Poppy Everitt

    How is this intense in any way

  3. Victory Begins in the Garden

    Fake click bait photos are not cool keep it real

  4. Oprea Alexandru

    There is no quick way to loose wieght or gain muscles. The truth is if you dont train consistently, you will put back weight. And im training as i type.

  5. Happy Panda

    love this

  6. Moonie Peters

    Thank you hun for giving me some inspiration. I'm going to do one of your exercise videos every day. They are so straight forward and you always show us how to do them by joining in.

  7. massa Salahi

    I love your smile , it makes me happy💜💙 💜 and it gives me the whole "exercising is fuuunn" vibe😂💜💜

  8. PinkKahuna

    How do you do your before and after thumbnail images? Is it another person that is the before or is it photoshopped?

  9. Kelia Coleman

    I can’t wait to get off to try this workout! Time to get this holiday weight off!😫😩

  10. Farrah Hall

    Happy New Year Koko and your family. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 Have a Blessed one.

  11. Farrah Hall

    The best part of the video 5:14

  12. MochiMunch

    I’m doing this for my night workout, thank you!!!

  13. Hijabi 2002

    How many calories does this workout burn ?

  14. Tiffany Thomas

    This is awesome thank you for posting!

  15. dumb ass

    Thank you for serving us with a work out everyday ily

  16. pro penguins

    Love you

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