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  1. PLK Arian


  2. 5HunnidBeatz

    Nice Tips Bro

  3. Abishek Desai

    Sir pls make an video on this topic

  4. Abishek Desai

    Sir this is Abhi. I want to know how to lose fat from the side of hip side (hip fat)

  5. JT Awosika

    Yo I was wondering if I'm 6'5" and started at 302 and want to get to around 220 will I have loose skin? I'm doing OMAD keto and have been drinking a gallon of water a day. I've been overweight pretty much my whole life though. Thanks

  6. extra extra

    brix i love you too death, but at your peak you looked juicy AF. what was your cycle?

  7. Julian Echelon

    Is his before pics supposed to disgust us? Personally I like fluffy men

  8. Isaiah Francis

    I couldn’t take part of the special😩it said missing purchase. I didnt know what it meant.

  9. Memnon 0341 USMC

    Did you get old boy who lent you the pick up truck eating right ?

  10. Dre G.

    ? I usually fast on the weekdays.12-16 hrs…But I workout so early in the morning around 4am…So now when I leave the gym around 6 I'm starving…What can I do to help stop the craving until my first meal.

  11. A Yo

    Great stuff like usual!

  12. To_Dy_For

    Right on time 👏🏽. I’m traveling for work and was In Walmart yesterday running around in circles thinking if things to get that’s hotel room friendly.

  13. Im Legit

    It puts a smile on my face knowing that you genuinely love helping people with weight loss 🙂

  14. Nate2k3

    Again, love everythinng you're doing man. You're such an inspiration to everyone. Thank you so much for the helpful vids helping me lose weight. I want to make a series on youtube so I'll be motivated and i can help people like you do but should i? 💯

  15. Haitian Sensation_

    I’m tryna lose weight badly but a nigga can’t seem to find the motivation to just get out and go to the gym again. I’m fucked up in the head man😔

  16. MrMaccntosh7up

    Was that a Rollie flex, Brix? I see ya big homie. Looks like the Submariner Blue Rolex

  17. Kuma

    Bro all I have to say is your inspiring I’m around the weight you was before and i need lose it .. I lose it before when I was younger but I got off track. Is there a way you can coach me ? Also please post more to increase that YT revenue

  18. Jarremy Gooden

    Welcome to da Ville bro I wish I could meet ya x fat boy gang

  19. Ismail Danan

    Welcom to Nashville TN, I watched your videos and YouTube channel. I live Nashville TN and I said that to you keeping up pro ,what you doing you self and motivation other like me I’m 233 pounds. I want lose some weight in this year. Thanks and have nice weakens here Nashville👋

  20. Chris Joe

    Those are some pretty simply low fat foods great work love the vedio.

  21. Irfaan Syed.

    Rolex spotted 02:41

  22. Tony Llama

    Thanks for the video

  23. Mieka Fasting Weight Loss

    Nice haul 👌

  24. ツKezgy

    Can y’all sub to me please😤

  25. evobusa

    So your a celebrity trainer now? Lol jk

  26. Bull Dozer

    The book Starch Solution puts everything else to shame. High-carb, low-fat. If only main stream science and trends were to catch up. But of course treatments are far more profitable than cures. Especially when the cure is fruits, vegetables and starch.

  27. Princess Anaya

    If you are reading my comment…
    I hope something unexpectedly good happens to you this week…
    I really do….❤❤

  28. Dave Fitzgerald

    Thank you Brix:-) 💯💪💡👍📴

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