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  1. 300Pounds IsWack

    Happy New Year Friend!!
    I am about to try interminant fasting again!! I think I have been doing it wrong.

  2. Extreme

    How much do you eat on your refeeds if you don’t mind me asking? Seems impossible to gain weight because you’re creating a HUGE caloric deficit

  3. Raymondtacular Forever

    Keep pushing you got this

  4. Miss Nissy

    Great update sis!

  5. Roger Astwood

    Looking gr8

  6. marvelous sweet411

    Stay focused that's the key what you're doing well just got to keep pushing that's all so maybe this year you will hit your goal

  7. slimchelle

    You are doing good


    🙏👍Thank you Thank you Thank you.. share nice and good.. it hard want do video.. thank friend becouse together.. is good friend you must come back.. if still you not 🔔 in my list please be my friend… please pity me.. i your friend so long already… God bless you what you do.. and healthy.. TQ TQ TQ 😔🤝🙏🤲

  9. sistahonamission

    Well done!! You Inspirational!! Peace.

  10. Nikki Speaks!


  11. JonTon Eats

    Good luck ok n your journey

  12. Living With Luuve

    I really love how open you are about all of this. You continue to inspire me! Thank you ❤️

  13. Talking Tommy Takes Action

    Great job Mieka❤️❤️🙏🙏💪🏾👍🏾👍🏾☝🏾

  14. Zephyr OnFire

    Happy New Year, Meiji! 🙂 I’m still here with ya girl! Remember when I said I’m gonna try the Snake Diet 3 day rolling fast routine? Well sweetie, I got all the baddies out too beforehand, so get this: lost 10 lbs in 3 days. 😆 I’m on my 2nd fast now (tom weigh in) and doing well, but like you, I was feeling a bit slowed down so I had some HWC in my coffee. I have about 25 lbs I’m guessing I want to lose (not sure yet) and thinking I’ll go b/w 48’s and 72’s if I continue to feel healthy with them. -The only thing I did notice on this 2nd round is a bit of fatigue, so I rested up and it’s freezing here in Alberta anyway. Lol….I rem Jason Fung said that a big of HWC, is fine if it keeps a person in the fasting and so, I feel that this perspective means that it is not a total fast break…maybe a ‘dirty fast’, but still a fast. I feel the exact same way about bone broth! -I remember Dr. Fung also saying that it was all about “perspective”. In other words, if weight loss is priority, then you and I have the right approach. If autophagy is the main goal, then HWC may or may not break it for the immediate time when consumed, but then, like Dr. Fung said, after a few hours, even autophagy kicks in again once digested. So, IMO, at least for me, that there is a win-win (what he said) b/c both are achieved with its inclusion. *Whatever makes this manageable until we reach our weight loss goal, is key. The good news is, for weight loss, both bone broth and HWC (I just put about 1 Tbsp, twice) are not going to be the make or break deal, as Dr. Fung explained in a youtube interview. 🙂 Let’s go Mieka!

  15. Fasting My Way to 145lbs

    Amazing Mieka!! Ride that momentum 😎

  16. BreJean

    I'm 5'8 3/4 too just always round up to 5'9.
    I'm starting on the 12 of January, thinking about doing alternate day fasting, want to get down to 160 around 190 now. Love your videos, you're a great Inspiration.

  17. nicholas white

    another great job well done mieka thumbs up

  18. Siegfried Schlag

    Hi, vielen Dank für das tolle Video👌👍🔔, freue mich über unseren Kontakt,
    wünsche dir eine tolle Woche. Liebe Grüße Siggi & Marianne

  19. Grace to Glory

    That's very good results Mieka 👏

  20. JessiCanCreate

    Let's go! Ahhh you're on a fasting journey too! Love that you work out fasted too – I was nervous about doing it at first but realized it's a total cakewalk! I couldn't believe I was energized at like 60+ hours fasted to do an hours worth of cardio!

  21. Live Fuller, Love Fuller!

    You're doing fantastic, Mieka – keep up the great work. You can do it!! 11 lbs and counting… 👏🏽🙌🏾

  22. Billys Corner

    good luck. i feel your pain :). you know i started the monster 744 hour fast, currently 168 hours in. started 190.2 (Christmas/New Years eve was crazy!), and now down to 174.8. totally fatigued and drained but zero hunger so will continue. it's all mental and i hear after day 4 you're running on pure fat and losing up to 1lb a day of fat! that is insane if you go and weigh 1lb, it's like a large orange. so will keep going. another channel i found started the whole of Jan also. so i am using all you guys for my motivation.

    this is the year where we reach our goals (and make our money!!)

  23. BHP Smokeshop KC


  24. The Soaring Seaward Family

    Heyyyyyyyyyy sis we are gonna have an amazing year let’s get it

  25. The Soaring Seaward Family

    Heyyyyyyyyyy sis we are gonna have an amazing year let’s get it

  26. Fitgoddess1111 Cortes

    Yay keep it up its frustrating seeing the scale pop up on refeed day but nice drop down thanks for sharing one big ol like from me!!

  27. Fitgoddess1111 Cortes

    Hey beautiful! Keep it up!! 183.2 is closer and closerrrrrr.

  28. Michelle McDermott

    Wow girl you’re crushing it

  29. Angela Brown

    Happy to hear you are progressing. Keep up the good work.

  30. A. B.D.

    11 lbs 😁😁😁😁😁

  31. A. B.D.

    Hi sweetie

  32. Hotwheels Showcase AA Shadows

    Awesome update! Have a blessed one and rest of the week :))

  33. Katy Brown

    I'm down 18 pounds this week with rolling 72s.
    You are learning so much about yourself. You're so honest with yourself and us. Thank you Meika❤️

  34. ASMR Patterns

    This is the formula that I think will work the best. It's my favorite of Cole's options. I'm going to try it as well with 72 – refeed – 72 – and so on until I am at goal. This is my commitment right here – with no cheating! Thank you Meika for your videos – I love watching them and going on this journey with you!

  35. Fasting My Way to Jenn

    Good job!👍🏽

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