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  1. Joseph Torres

    Curious to see if I managed to keep the weight off since I posted this video? check out the progress I've made in less than a year, here: https://youtu.be/OAU-aSX9W3c since this video was posted. BTW, I love seeing comments about people and there fitness endeavors, don't be afraid to post a comment and ask questions, or just share stories of how you've succeeded in fitness. You might just give someone else the fire they need…

  2. Ali Noruzi

    Sehr gut 💪

  3. Aventuras y retos Garcia Guzman

    Watching video while I’m driving passengers seat and I’m like kind a desespérate to get home and start doing some exercises keep the good work I’m 215 now I wanna be 175

  4. Mike Lewis

    Awesome!!! Go Joe!!!!!!

  5. Fan방탄소년단

    My arms hurt now

  6. rupambra

    Sorry,but he is still fat!

  7. 1000weightlossrecipes

    369 – 212 pound Weight Loss Transformation. Before and After Photos/Videos

  8. mr mars

    Bro your work ethic both fat and slim is outstanding. Incredible.

  9. employ

    GGs to all mobile viewers

  10. mercuryhaute

    The ending has ads that cover your after pics.

  11. Michael Weston

    Fuck outta here with your bullshit. 18? You have a full face of hair my guy, how?

  12. Sandro Leite

    O ditado é verídico… exercícios sem dieta é nulo pra perda de peso.

  13. Noble Steel

    What’s your height? I ask b/c I’m in similar situation, lost 45+ lbs now and am super impressed with how diff u look

  14. Michael Weston

    How tall are you?

  15. Nabil Abdulrashid

    Well when I first watched this I weighed 348 lbs (January 9th) now weigh 319lbs.. weights and cardio will work wonders .. wonder how much more progress I will see in the next six months

  16. bucabuca boya

    Jack black??

  17. オウネイキョ

    運動員還能瘦下來 確實不簡單

  18. Adr Sol

    Ha ha ha hahaha

  19. kalon hub

    💚 I'll catch up too

  20. Emmanuel Shadap

    ma bro salute to your hard work , massive RESPECT BUT !! 18 … 18.. 18!!! seriously bro ??? I ain't believing that SHIT THOUGH SORRY 😊

  21. Joseph Mack

    Beat Bell

  22. Mike Avalos

    I used to go to that same gym 😂 24 hour fitness 💪🏻👍🏻


    What is the name of the song in 2:46 minutes?

  24. Taylor rolyaT

    Thank you for your inspiration just weighing in at 316 and busting ass to turn around

  25. Esther Sweany

    I like him before and after, but who am I to say anything.
    Good job 👍

  26. jimmytea1

    Man these are the people we should be celebrating! A real natural beast, so impressive. Million thumbs up if there was a button for it!

  27. CHAL KIE

    Am I the first Billybob here?

  28. Kar3n


  29. Fredy Ambriz

    I struggle when I lose weight and strength like I want to do both

  30. Fredy Ambriz

    I love how he was in so many sports especially wrestling, love this video man

  31. igor4246


  32. pfeiffdog0811

    Am I seeing some alpha destiny influence in your routine?

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