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  1. LukeNarwhal

    Hey Narwhals, apologies if the text is too small in this video, had an editing error. Also if you haven't yet, be sure to Subscribe! I'll be posting 3 videos each week all month long to help you kickstart your January 🦄

  2. Mariah Dickson

    For some people suffering from food addiction, it's not a matter of food quality but food quantity. At my heaviest of 303lbs I could binge on 5000 calories of fruits and vegetables just as easily as I could binge on 5000 calories of junk food. When I was a teen, I could eat an entire 8-10lb watermelon by myself and within two hours want to eat something else. This was the scariest part of my food addiction because I didn't feel as guilty since the food quality was considered "very healthy". It was the ultimate excuse I made for my addiction.
    I've lost 80lbs since then, but only because I constantly have to control my portions. Snacking isn't even an option for me anymore, even if it's some fruit, because I know I could binge on anything 😔

  3. ImToxic

    best channels to watch for fitness:
    jeff Nippard

    Every damn day fitness
    obese to beast
    Greg duchette

  4. Yuki Hotta

    Eating like a pig actually will make you ripped.

  5. Marisol Melendez

    If I could "just change the way I think" don't you think I would

    This is why you're still fat. It's why I stayed morbidly obese until 22. Get off your ass and stop feeling sorry for yourself. Time is going to pass regardless so you may as well make life easier for yourself. Go see a therapist. Can't afford it? There are YouTube videos and other free resources to use to learn healthy and sustainable ways to lose weight while also working on your mental health. Jesus. I've lost 75 lbs since May 2019. It's January 2020. I'm going to lose another 40 by the summer. I started seeing a therapist and watching videos about others at similar weights reaching their goals. It started falling off. You don't even have to eat better but I would recommend it because it will keep you fuller for longer.

    Started at 318 lbs. Currently at 240 lbs and counting

    Also, stop drinking your calories. They're not worth it.

  6. Lydia Wheeler

    The thing that surprised me the most was that you're gonna have to buy alot of new clothes along the way. It's super expensive

  7. Marwa Adaief

    I know how to lose weight
    I just need to be consistent and it hurts me when I fuck up everything
    It hurts so fucking bad
    i was skinny when I was in highschool, then I started studying medicine and my weight skyrocketed and I had no idea until I finished my first year and everyone noticed
    it's been three years. and I swear I try but I lose my motivation really fast please please give me some helpful tips

  8. Thomas R

    Sounds like any other addict I’ve ever known, if you would just do this for me or have pity on me for that.

  9. GR 18

    This video was just a long list of excuses

  10. Esteban H.

    Lost 40 pounds in three months, regained it back two years later 😭

  11. Loxicity

    honestly you don’t even need exercise to lose weight, i’ve lost 5 pounds in 3 days. just from cutting out sugar (if you drink any thing with sugar i.e Coffee, sweet tea, etc) then replace that sugar with stevia, it’s a natural sweetener and taste good. i still have a long way to go (currently 300, my goal is 210ish) and by doing this i can lose weight fast and without little thought

    also track your calories, it sounds cheesy but it helps

    you eat 2 eggs? scrambled ? 180sum calories
    you eat a banana ? write it down

    DONT CHEAT YOURSELF. it helps i swear

  12. Chandler Sampson

    I’m so stressed out and depressed the only thing I look forward to after work is a McDonald’s Chicken Biscuit. I want to work out and make healthier meals. It’s just so hard to get started and I don’t know how to cook. I grew up on easy to make, highly processed and packaged food. I think I’m going to buy a new bicycle and ride the bike path. I’m going to try IF and OMAD and try to fit in lean high protein meals with vegetables and rice. Doesn’t help that the vending machines at work have a card reader on them though.

  13. Skyfall Deadpool

    As a former overweight person I can say I understand what it is to be addicted to food, to feel like you gonna die if you do not eat but mark my words that is not howna human body was designed. Make no mistake the modern food intake and quality of food is not normal and calories in and calories out is not as simple as you might think. I lost weight and I am still losing with minimal exercise because I had to go back to fundamentals and learn how our ancestors evolved to. They did not have starbucks and postmates on demand to grase upon daily. They sometimes went for days with no food and any scientist will tell you that they were healthier and stronger than us. They did not have soda and sugarly food we eat, they did not eat 6 times a day. Insulin is what cause us not only to store fat but also not to use it. I am not saying eliminate cake because I didn't. I just eat once a day. In 2 hour windows. Then the rest of 20 to 23 drinkwater it sounds hard at first I almost cried but I know I had to. But the body got used to eat and mind you I did not count calories or jazersize my way into small jeans. I walk sometimes twice a week 30 minutes and i went from 200lbs to 146lbs. When friends and family ask me what I did I tell them and they all have different reactions. I have doing this since May last year and I never though I would get food addiction under control but this helped me a lot. I keep myself busy in between hours till I break my fast. It is not easy but the hunger has gone significantly. All I can say for whomever reading this is what do you have to lose. Try it. At worse it will be a. experience and at beast it will change your life.

  14. George Swaso

    Fit to Fatty

    Age 14-20 worked out religiously
    Age 21-24 haven’t went to the gym in 3 years. Truck driver now, fast food and snacks were an everyday thing. Gained 80lbs

    Perks of being fit:
    • always had energy
    • loved to hike, bike, and other activities
    • would get a lot of compliments
    • getting flirted with was familiar
    • sex performance
    • confidence and strength
    • never wanted to stay home, just wanted to go out and do something

    Cons of now being a fatty:
    • No energy
    • The smallest physical activity gets me out of breath
    • just want to stay home and watch hours of tv
    • feel like having a heart attack while having sex
    • Size L used to fit a bit big, now 2xL fits tight
    • confidence went down
    • back always hurts
    • breath pretty loud
    • Fat doesn’t look good on me, so I don’t get any of those blushy smiles from girls anymore
    • it’s hard to get back in shape maintain being in shape
    • I get that “damn bro you got fat”

    Currently I’m working on getting myself out of bad habits. I’m intermittent fasting along with keto and working out. I’ve been at it for a couple of days so wish me luck guys.

  15. Joshua Minke

    I was a 24 year old virgin, not by choice, as I did try, but not many girls find fat attractive. Which is understandable, I went from 330 pounds to 190 pounds in a year. And let's just just say, I'm not a virgin anymore

  16. diarra mboup


  17. Blazko Blaz

    Hey peeps No fap sure helps you to bring more will power to reduce weight. It's extremely hard and relapse do happen but hey get back on the horse and do it again.

  18. KHaR18

    i perfer to eat healthy because i can eat more of the healthy foods than the junk foods. it feel like its a burden on my family because i want them to stop bringing stuff they like into the house so i wont be tempted to binge. but they tell me that im just being obnoxious when i want to eat healthier. things got so bad that i would take food and hide it in my closet then just not eat until the rest of it was gone because i didnt wanna binge on it while it was there. i get real obsessive when it comes to food so i need food i can snack on to remain at a deficit just until im at a healthy weight.

  19. Amelia Caras

    Its all about breaking a bad habit and creating a good one.

  20. Aves M

    I’ve been fit my whole life, I say due to my ADHD I actually need physical exercise to stay “sane” and to ensure my brain is being stimulated every day. I played soccer my whole life into college and was been a physical trainer during my collegiate days. I also competitively surf (now after college is over) and I rock climb and roller skate. However, I noticed changing my diet helped not just with my ADHD but it helped with my anxiety and my overall health. I may not need to lose weight but not eating the best sure made me feel fatigued every single day. The biggest thing I have noticed that can help those lose weight is cutting out processed sugars and sticking to the outside of the grocery store when shopping for food. Don’t eat out as much and you don’t need to do these crazy exercises to lose weight. You just need a balanced diet, lots of water and 30 mins of any form of exercise 3-5x a week (depending on your weight loss goal.) I’d say stick to Cardio in the beginning and yoga or Pilates and then once you lose the fat you wanted start incorporating either light weight lifting or body weight exercises. Weight lifting is okay but people over do.. mostly on Instagram. I found body weight exercises (roller skating, yoga, biking, surfing, swimming, Pilates) to be the most beneficial in toning your body and keeping your joints and ligaments happy. ALSO STRETCHING IS KEY!!!

  21. Do drugs, kids.

    My mother is obese, and throughout most of my childhood I drank a shitton of soda. Like three-five cups a day.
    Thirsty? Have some coke.
    Hungry? Have a coke, and an entire oreo pack, who gives a shit?

    My mother has since been diagnosed with extremely high cholesterol. I had already moved out, and dropped myself to about a cup of soda a day. I completely cut it out to help my mother deal with the process.

    Dropped close to 30 kgs.
    It's not a great, big, story, especially since I got on 10 since, and I'm trying to put it off by changing around my diet and exercising, since I can no longer rely on dropping soda.

    Since then I have gotten rid of:
    ->cordial (a lot of sugar)
    ->hot chocolate + iced coffee
    ->ice cream

    I hoped I inspired someone here.
    Good luck everyone, I'll be here losing it with you! 🙂

  22. Gabrielle

    you’re voice is so soothing ❤️ i love listening just to hear it (but also great videos)

  23. Karen Daniel

    While I doubt my struggles ate unique, my perspective may be different enough to help someone else.

    I was fat for years, although not all my life, but losing down to a healthy weight took years of adjusting my eating choices and mindset. All this was complicated by chronic migraines (including hemaplegic migraines that are stroke like) and a later diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Both of these have a lot of food triggers as well as associated conditions like IBS & RLS. I had to learn to listen to my body and did a fair job of that for years.

    My life has slowly been descending into chaos for years. My home is barely functional. I also do ridesharing late nights and early mornings. Just about the only thing available is junk food from gas stations or fast food drive ins.

    I gained about 30 lbs over a 2 year period eating like that, and I started having more physical problems as well. So, I stopped nearly all fried foods a few months ago and about 75% of added sugars a couple months later. These are both triggers, so I'm currently completely eliminating them from my diet as well as every other trigger food. Some of these are healthy foods like tomatoes and peppers (nightshade vegetables can trigger fibromyalgia). I'm trying to follow Dr Gregor's Daily Dozen guide with modifications to avoid triggers, but I'm still in the process of eliminating gluten and potatoes, both possible triggers, as well as adding flax, 90 minutes of exercise, B12, and algae for Omego 3.

    But I also understand I need to reclaim my life and my home. Others in my life are aware of the changes that need to be made because trying to do it all with no support has been part of the issue. Plus, the current state of our lives is unhealthy for everyone.

    This journey is about mental, physical, and emotional health, but I hope to lose the 30 extra pounds by the beginning of 2021.

  24. wildtexan

    keep it up guys and gals we can do it

  25. Nina B

    The most important thing to be able to start a journey is mental stability. It isn't as simple as "healthy food and exercise"

  26. Jules Gainey

    Obese people: we’d have to change, and like, you guys this is hard!
    Society: GROW THE HELL UP. You’re KILLING yourself, stop making us watch

  27. Lurigh Ashandarei

    To any narwhal reading this : any tip to break habits? Sadly I got back in to always eat bread. I broken it once back last year, when I couldn't have any bakery close to me for months, but here in the big city is almost impossible not getting it.

  28. Harry Minot

    I’m curious as to how many people who report their weight loss have actually maintained the loss for more than five years. Social media, and media generally, never consider the long term. Diet Culture justifies its existence (and hinges its profits) based on fragile thinking.

  29. Domanyte

    I lost 40lbs of fat 230 to 190 and i can feel my tailbone when i do situps and its hard to get used to. (Im an teenager and ive been overweight since i was 7)

  30. Domanyte

    Ok so who the hell disliked this video

  31. Vanessa Atwood

    Weight loss has destroyed my breasts. If I could do it all over I would kept that 30lbs.

  32. KRO 222

    Everybody likes a
    B I G B A N A N A

  33. Leah M

    Hey these videos are super motivating for me and I appreciate that

  34. Sarah Meyers

    When I was 275 pounds I was hungry all of the time. It took so much food for me to even begin to feel full. When I was out a restaurant with friends or family I would eat everything on my plate and a bite from everyone else’s and still be hungry, while everyone else was stuffed full and asking for a to-go box.
    Everyone I know who is naturally skinny has a really sensitive stomach, heavy foods make them ill, and they get full very easily. Me? I could eat copious amounts of food and not ever feel sick or get uncomfortably full. I would have two helpings at dinner and 2 bowls of cereal afterward. One thing that is never brought up when talking weight loss is your default appetite setting. How the hell can I control what my appetite was naturally set at? All of the thin people I knew had naturally small appetites and stayed away from heavy foods cause they made them ill.
    Thankfully I have been seeing a doctor now who helped solve my issue of satiety. She said I was getting way too much dopamine when eating and put me on a medication to level it out. It’s called bupropion and it’s a neurotransmitter and it’s also used to help people quit smoking. She also put me on a low carb moderate fat high protein diet and I have lost 80 pounds! I now eat about half as much as I used to and I just started working out.

  35. Colilyle캐란

    NotMyNameActually, I relate to much!! Everyone fawns over how "clean" I am always eating, but my size is being larger than everyone else. I lost weight when I counted calories and ended up being so empty all day. Calorie counting isn't sustainable for my whole life, but when I stop, the weight comes back no matter how "clean" I am eating. I don't think my portions are too much either.

  36. Reeseman

    You censor these readings way too much

  37. John Smith

    For those struggling with hunger, please read this:

    Will power is the only tool you need to stop hunger.

    Understand that most of the hunger you feel is not real. It is a trick your mind plays to get what it wants. Your brain wants food so it can get that rush of endorphins. It is an addict. And you’re supplying the drug.

    So how do you say no?

    It’s simple.

    Let it hurt.

    You can’t stop the pain. It will scratch, kick, and punch you to get it’s fix. Because it knows that when the pain strikes, you will be weakened to the point of surrender.

    But here’s the thing. You don’t have to surrender. Because eventually in a few short minutes, the pain will cease and your hunger will be gone, and you will have won the battle.

    What people fail to realize is that losing weight is a war, and every day is a battle.

    You are at war against an enemy that knows all your weaknesses, that knows all your pain and insecurities, an enemy that wants nothing more than to send you to an early grave.

    That enemy is Yourself.

    Don’t let them win.

    You are stronger than you think.

    I’ve lost 30 pounds in the last month and half, thinking this way.

    And coming from someone who’s been in slaved to food for most of his life. There is hope.

  38. StawberryLemonade

    You don't need to eat healthy to be skinny.

  39. Chayden Carey

    I love your videos man thank you for posting these

  40. Judaea Kimberly

    What kind of monster would mess with the pace on someone's treadmill?? If someone did that to me when I was losing weight (hell, if they did it NOW), I would've lost it!!! This kind of bullying is why people quit. Source: my own 70 lb weight loss and time working at a fitness center.

  41. James Adams

    It's terrible that someone's life is so stressful that the only thing they had to look forward to is their daily baguette.

  42. Lydia M

    I feel like if you eat healthy and reasonably and exercise, even just going for a walk, you can be healthy. Being somewhat bigger doesn’t mean your unhealthy. Bodies are different.

  43. SusieJayKay

    I'm trying out this boiled egg, green tea diet and I've lost like, 6lb in a few days (I also do 10 minutes of exercise, but I'm not very good at it)

    I was going a bit nuts, decided screw it, I'll use sauces to make the eggs nicer; bbq, hummus, sweet chilli, mustard, (oh and instant miso soup works great)

    It makes it so much easier, there are even points I look forward to it! Yesterday I woke up with so much energy and I honestly can't remember the last time I felt like that… It was nice

    I walked down the sweet isle for the first time and while I liked the look of everything, I didn't give in. I was like Susie, you KNOW what muffins, crisps, and cola tastes like, get it together, we're doing this because you're 23 and you struggle to walk upstairs. So, I just walked on by, bought more bloody eggs. It seems silly, but it was a big win for me.

    I don't plan to do it for too long, but the thing is I'm working hard on retraining my tastebuds after years of junk and sugar. My entire life I've hated vegetables.

    But right now, after having eggs every damn day, a cherry tomato sounds mother fucking delicious. Ha! Never thought I'd type that. So, that's how I'm going to introduce them into my life.

  44. natalie contello

    why did you change depressed to awful?

  45. Milk Shaki

    I'm just waiting till a random video Mr. LukeNarwhal makes gets a bunch of views because of New Resolutioners lol

  46. Tea For You

    I had been trying to lose weight for past 6 months. But after a time my weight was not reducing. During Christmas I stopped all the diets and exercises and guess what? I started losing weight. Any idea why?

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