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  1. Kat Da Baws

    The bangs suit you sooo well. Loving the whole vibe!

  2. Megan McConnell

    You look especially beautiful today. That eye makeup looks great next to your hair. 😊

  3. Pastel Whimsy

    “Girl, what are you doing, you just have one face.” Is the question I need to ask myself every time I’m in the Sephora app!!

  4. Nasia Georgakopoulou

    Amazing video kisses from Greece!!!

  5. MJ

    New hair is a total win. ❤️

  6. Ambreen Mahpara

    Hey. You had recommended A little life in one of your videos and I bought it the very next day. I loved it! One of the most devastating books I’ve ever read but the best one of this year. Pls recommend some more. Anything besides fantasy ones

  7. Stephanie B

    I am living for these bangs! 😍

  8. Shuchona Chakma

    U look so cute with this look Emily 😍

  9. Hellraiky x

    Heeeey Emily ! As always loving your videos but I have to disagree with your statement on the dark materials tv show..
    There are going to be gaps in the story des incohérences, (SPOIL ) with her daemon going far away from her…
    I can feel it. Lyra is insupportable, she is supposed to be so much more of a grey caracter but I can not feel compassion for her in the TV show but I love her so much. And now I want to take her by the shoulders and just.. Miss Coulter.. I mean.. I feel she takes to much space and the acting job with the "huuuum".. I can't I'm sorry.. I want to love it so badly, I'm going to watch everything but I swear if they screw up Iorek i'm going to lose my shit :')

  10. Kayla Albers

    Just a heads up that the age rewind formula just changed so use up those backups sparingly. The new formula says "multi-use" on it and it's CRAP!

  11. Luna Mtz (:

    It's always so nice to watch you videos 💜 Still currently obsessed with the fresh caramel lip balm. Fortunately it is not a holiday exclusive item they have it sold separately at Sephora, but they do have minis holiday kit. 🙂 Love you're sweater you look very cute!!

  12. Myka Hylton

    Trader Joe’s Argan oil and cera ves blue tub lotion been doing it for me lately

  13. Kat

    I have got super dry under eyes as well and the Milani Conceal and Perfect Long wear concealer works great!

  14. Quincy Poaches

    Freaking LOVE the bangs! Nice eye makeup.

  15. dona df

    The dr jart ceramidin line is my fav! It's so good and light on the skin😍

  16. K K

    Love the bangs!! Looking beautiful as always Emily!

  17. Amanda F.

    I love this whole look on you!!

  18. velvet thunder

    Love the eyeshadow game. 💜

  19. Tyne

    lilac queen💜☔️

  20. Annisa R. Primandini


  21. Brittanyschuk 93

    You look like camila cabello

  22. Ezrha Godilano

    That Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel is a permanent! They also have a coconut, peach and lemon variant. Their advanced lip therapy is also quite good.

  23. Josephine Valdez

    Your face looked very different and your eyes looked smaller so is your mouth. Not mocking… just saying

  24. Aneesa Hall

    I absolutely loveeeee your hair this way! And the eye makeup is gorgeous!!!

  25. Apricott

    Emily that eye makeup game is looking beautiful! With the weather, I had to switch up my skincare because foundation wouldn't look as smooth compared to before. I'm loading up on toners, serums, moisturizer, and of course snail mucin lol

  26. Nicole Frank

    Miss Emily you’re beautiful anyway makeup or not. Hope you’re doing well

  27. Kendra Hershey

    Lilac beauty queen! 👸🏻 that is just a beautiful color on you miss Emily! 💜

  28. Dawnallsun

    Emily, I love your hair, makeup and shirt! Lavender is definitely your colour.

  29. Yvette Twaites

    Post the declutter pleeeeeease!! ❤❤ Bangs are looking good…you down with them yet? 😄😄

  30. WP

    Yess! Pockets on everything!

  31. Martha Tejeda

    Wait I need an update video!! I missed it when you mentioned your on Invisalign!? It’s because of your jaw surgery right? **YOU LOOK GORGGGG BTW!!!! 😍❤️

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