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  1. Nicol Concilio

    if you're not interested in the breast reduction update I start using the product around 4:50 🙂

  2. Jess McNutt

    Independent Sagittarius too and after having my kidney removed it was a nightmare. I tried to just put some washing on and fell down the step to my laundry room and my boyfriend got so annoyed that I wouldn’t just ask him to do things :’)

  3. penny

    can you please review millie bobby brown's new beauty/skincare line because i need someone professional to do a review on it.

  4. Kirsten Welch

    Happy you’re doing good and everything went well with your surgery 💕

  5. Welp

    Are you satisfied with the shape and look of your new boobies? ☺️

  6. Sam Honey

    I love how you truly seem so down to earth and like you love your subscribers fr, we love you sm 💛 I hope your recovery goes well

  7. Melissa Medina

    I constantly use the Anastasia brow wiz & now I think I NEEEEEE THIS

  8. Michaela Russic

    I’m living for you with that dark hair color babe!😍
    Really makes your brown eyes pop!😊

  9. jenn wade

    AYE i’m a sagittarius too💜


    stunner stunner stunner

  11. Kimberly Cummings

    😍 love the hair . Makes me want to go dark again love you 😍

  12. Jaimi Stellas

    Love your darker hair Nicol! My fave so far. You look beautiful! 💁‍♀️💕

  13. That Chick

    Beech you are cute as hell!!!!!

  14. Adora King

    I LOVE the dark brown hair on you!!! You look soo beautiful!!!

  15. Taylor Moore

    Omg Nicol
    Your skin is so beautiful. You are so so beautiful. I’m obsessed with your dark hair. It looks amazing on you. I just love you so much. (Obviously)

  16. Jessica Leger

    It took me a whole month to recover from my breast implants lol you still can’t do the same things

  17. Ms. Ezmirelda

    Great video

  18. Crystal Garcia

    I love your new hair so beautiful!

  19. Jenna Edwards

    I loooove your hair 😍

  20. liz g

    your hair looks sooooo good

  21. Troubled Beauty

    I just agree with everyone on the brown hair! You look amazing!! Whoop whoop another Sagittarius over here! Thanks so much for the review beautiful!

  22. Laura Colombo

    Your hair looks amazing!!! Love the color on you and looks healthy 💕

  23. Kukana Lina

    I like how that turned out. I don't use pencils either and was wanting a change so I will look for this. Thank you for sharing!

  24. Ali C

    That hair colour suits you SOOOOOOO much!!!!!!! Makes your eyes pop!! You always look beautiful but I love you brunette 😍🔥

  25. Malou Risager

    I dont see any flaws on you, i just Think your so pretty

  26. Mimoza Cerri

    Those hairs looking fire

  27. Morgan Ingram

    Wait until you get to the latest season of Handmaids Tale! Omgahhhh things get so much more intense! As if it isn’t already super intense! Handmaids Tale and Orange is the New Black are two of the best shows I’ve EVER watched! And now that OTNB is over I feel empty inside 😭😭😭😭

  28. Aayushma Yakkha

    You look so beautiful today Nicol ❤️ I mean you already are but you know what I mean 😀👌

  29. princessof china

    Thank u for this review 😊😊

  30. KatieDoesWhatever

    I'm one of the few that doesnt do my brows lol so my comment is about the handmaids tale lol you'll be LESS annoyed with June lol I've wanted to smack her so many times during the show like move faster wtf lol and I've hollered at the tv what are you doing?! I binged the whole thing in 3 days which is horrible on my end because I dont have anymore episodes yet lol

  31. Paige Kymdell

    I love your hair like this and this color suits your skin tone so well!!

  32. stephiekov

    Omg Nicol!! I was hospitalized last year for E. coli ! It was horrible😭 but girl we both made it through! We can be E. coli sisters😂

  33. Lesley Johnson #momlife

    Is there anyway u could kind of show us ur reduction where ur not naked? Lol i wanna see how big they are now😬

  34. Angel Baker

    I love love love that dark hair on you!!! ❤❤❤

  35. Ashley Reynoso

    As soon as the video started i was thinking i love how your hair looks!!! Thinking what was different🤔 This color suits you beautifully😍 and the extensions really blend better because of this color❤️👍🏼👍🏼

  36. Renee' Winters

    Glad your doing good NIcol.

  37. Ashley Lamora

    Your hair looks fab and so do you naturally. Love your tan you are so bubbly and I love it

  38. Lacey Goodall

    Brown hair is deff beautiful on u

  39. Melody Main

    You should definitely do a live product review some time! ❤️

  40. mandi spicer

    I've been told I need a breat reduction but haven't put much thought into it.. I'd love to watch your whole journey. Fyi the brow brush isn't that innovative they took the idea from NYX( Maybe see how it compares)..

  41. Olivia Ferrell

    Your hair!! I love it dark! Looks like chocolate!!!

  42. Allie Saephan

    The nyx fill & fluff has that exact same little brush end and its alot cheaper..Id like to see a comparison of the two since they have the same brush

  43. Devany Mireles

    I love this hair color on you so much ❤️❤️ you stand out so much !!!

  44. Sarah Awwad

    Love your hair!!! Looking so cute and classy 💕💕💕💕

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