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  1. darian owens

    I’m so happy!! Love love love you!

  2. kvilleify

    I miss your videos but love coming back to rewatch 🙂

  3. Erica MacLean

    SO happy your back!!!!

  4. Emily Agema

    Do a messy bun tutorial! Yours are always so effortless looking and on point.

  5. originalparafan

    Video idea: you should tell us what youtubers you watch nowadays and do the "trying youtubers favorite products" tag!!!

  6. LD M

    its been 3 months 😩😢😥

  7. Amanda Louise

    What happened to your tiffany engagement ring 😱

  8. Katey and Keagan Vlogs!

    lol leaves again

  9. Alora Hartmann

    I rarely enjoy watching YouTuber's videos, and you were one of the first, but these videos are such a tease wahhh please become a regular again- and keep them authentic like this one. This is what makes you a novelty; your realness.

  10. Cj Tibbles

    Lololol she disappeareddd

  11. Jasmine B

    Yes yes yes yes YESSSSS!!! I watched you through middle school and some high shook until you left. I knew you’d come back ❤️❤️❤️❤️✨💕🙏🏼 I LOVE YOUU

  12. daisycakesss

    are you gone agaaaaain?

  13. Alana Bruzzese

    Girl :/ don’t do this again

  14. cayla moriah

    You are the first YouTube Beauty Guru I ever watched! Glad to see you are still making videos!

  15. Natalie B

    Oh no! Don't go MIA again, 4 years was a long wait 🙁

  16. Kat

    Please don’t disappear again 🙁 we love you!

  17. A l l y s s a

    Oh my lord steph I missed you so freaking much are you kidding i cant believe its you!!!!!

  18. Ingrid Bruinsma

    Oh lol, she has been gone for almost 2 months again :')

  19. JessiLove

    Please do vlogs!

  20. Nikki G

    Did you quit again???

  21. Tracy Andersen

    Glad to see that you're back! Your channel is what got me obsessed with Youtube videos! 🙂

  22. Alana Bruzzese

    Come back ):

  23. Olivia Madeleine

    don't disappear again 🙁

  24. Jessica Sargent

    You are the first YouTube I started watching back when I was in high school! So glad you are back!

  25. Elyse Edwards

    Great video! What is the ingredient called in the makeup that causes break outs? I want to be able to avoid it if it's in other brands.

  26. IshraImmoral I

    Omg girl. I used to watch you like 7 years ago. So cool to see you back again!

  27. goldhoney

    WOOOOOOW. Haven’t seen your face in so long! You were one of the first girls I subscribed to wow so cool welcome back!!

  28. Britrixy

    Sooo super happy you are back!! I saw your video In my feed and freaked out 🤗…..please do a video on how you do your nails I'm just curious and interested

  29. Cecilia Lopez

    So happy you're back! <3 You should really check out more cleaner makeup/green beauty products💚💚💚 there's so much toxic chemicals in makeup that everyone should be avoiding

  30. Caitlin Marie

    Omfg!!!!!!! YOURE BACK !!!! I’m so happy !

  31. misssmakaylaaa

    You are the reason I started making Youtube videos! I'm so happy you are back 🙂

  32. julybaby19

    I would love a wedding series. I see you changed out your engagement ring and am very curious why? Also would love to see a close up. I just got engaged and have been obsessed with rings!!! 💍

  33. Bethany Loreal Cherian

    Wow, really interesting, in the Fenty Beauty I'm shade 310, my skin is sensitive at times too however I didn't breakout with Fenty cosmetics, if you're looking for a really clean foundation for sensitive skin try Alima Pure line, I have almost everything in the Alima Pure cosmetics, I order online, in her line I'm in their Satin Matte Foundation Warm 6 is my exact skin tone in the sunlight, you can't tell I'm wearing it at all when I wear it even though in all my pics I went no foundation and only wore Alima Pure blush in Melon, I have all of their blush colors except Mimosa and Apple Blossom, in the Luminous Shimmer Blushes I wear the Sahara one the most but have all 7 colors, the Sahara's a beautiful shimmery rose gold blush, I order the Satin Matte Foundation in Warm 6 and Warm 7, in the winter I use Warm 6 and in the summer I use Warm 7, the Liquid Silk Foundation is nice too and their eye shadow colors, blushes, concealer powder, brushes, in their lip tints I wear the shade "Honey" the most, I like all shades, their new makeup face primer looks good, will try it soon, even if I'm going no foundation I can apply their face primer to combat redness, I LOVE Alima Pure!

  34. Makenna Smith

    Oh my god you're back!!!!!!!!!!

  35. NaturalNikki16

    plzzz check out my insta! nikki_t111

  36. Jenny

    Omg I watched you when I was younger! Lost all my old email passwords and I found you, I was sad that I didn't see you upload since the last time I watched you, glad you're back

  37. mv 87

    Im so happy you're back! Kisses from Argentina ^^

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