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  1. Chorvy P

    Do you guys get a certain $ amount of gratis? Cause one you tuber that works there got a whole load of stuff!!

  2. Cathlyn Sumampouw

    I haven't decided whether I want to get 260 or 270. I hear it oxidizes so I was thinking of 260? I have a tan from summer, but it'll definitely go away sooner than later. Idk if you're familiar with Estée Lauder's Doublewear, but I use Tawny (been mixing with Cashew to deepen color).
    I'm just really lazy to go to Sephora – just wanna get it online, but of course if I really must, I'll definitely make the trip.
    Please let me know if you have suggestions!!! Thanks!!!

  3. sagun868

    which shade number foundation

  4. Franchesska Sims

    That eyeshadow tho! 😍😍😍😍

  5. Tonia's Reviews

    Hmm I wonder if I'm your shade 260

  6. Erna Phalin

    Hi love! It's so nice to see a vlogger with almost the same features! Hair, skin tone , eye color name it! 😍 I'm in mac nc35/40 do you suggest which shade to get? ❤

  7. Nora Caballero

    I grew up in Honduras too! I feel connected to you lol Glad I found your channel😀

  8. Warisaxo

    I'm so glad I found you!!! You literally match my skin! My mac and born this way foundations are all the same as you!! 😄

  9. Chelsea Bagaoisan

    I'm in the shade 420 bisque neutral from Lancôme what shade do you think would match me most in this foundation?

  10. Alexis Concha

    PS. That foundation looks great on you, I think I might get the 260 shade 😃

  11. nat cat

    Did you find it oxidizing? A lot of people said they did idk!

  12. Melissa Y

    omg this looked so beautiful on your skin! i want to try it but i already have so many foundations lol what foundation would you compare it to in terms of similarity and the way it looks/sits on the skin? 🙂 also what is the price on it?

  13. Rana shaker

    Omggg it's amazing I'm a shade golden and honey in too faced born this way foundation which shade do u think I am please helppp

  14. Siu Zheng

    I love your personality, great review!

  15. Yosy Walker

    That foundation looks great on you! 😱😱😱 its really pretty

  16. mimi zrs

    Thank you so much for this video
    I'm in the shades nc30/nc35
    Was so confused which shade should I choose
    Thank you thank you

  17. 50shadesoflippies

    soooooo beautiful cant wait to get mine also put + wear test in ur title so more ppl know before watching so more subbies can join 💚💚

  18. Shanira Suazo

    i appreciate the closeup on this video!!! and the foundation looked beautiful. new subscriber over here 🙂

  19. ItsyoGirlRoya

    You inspired me 😍

  20. Elrosaddiction

    Before we get into the subject of the video can we take a moment for the background send the lighting and YOU!? FREAKING STUNNING – I'm guessing that eye tutorial is coming soon? 🙈

    I'm heading to sephora to go get my hands on the foundation and the highlighter… They look so gorge and luxe! And the price Point.. And Rihanna…. Eeeeeek! I'm so freaking excited! Thanks for this 😘

  21. Jahn Zylke Ong

    What's your tarte rainforest of the sea foundation shade?

  22. Sy Richards

    Color looks great.

  23. Daniella Rodriguez

    Hey hun! My skin tone is very similar to yours, what shade did you get? Also loved the tutorial ! Definitely subscribed💖💖

  24. Go Go

    Very nice!!😍. I am a Mac NC 25-30. Wich schade should i buy 🤔. Help this gurl outtaaa♥️


    Is the foundation best for dry skin or oily?

  26. FoodishBeauty

    Yasss! Ive been staring at my laptop all day and still non the wiser about which shade to get, so I'm giving up lol! So glad you did this video though, looks awesome on your skin hun!😻👌🏻

  27. Makeup with Mariela

    It looked great on your skin! Yay I ordered one today excited to try it ☺️

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