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  1. Christy Woods

    It does build to Full Coverage so i dont know what you kean if you like full coverage you wont like this.

  2. Christy Woods

    You Look Fn Stunning!

  3. Veronica Laroche

    Tati is getting some fashion advice from Cristine! 😍

  4. Marissa Jimenez

    Man favorites would be awesome!! I never know what to get my dad for birthdays and Father’s Day!

  5. Monica Okram

    U are a very sweet person

  6. pawan toor

    Hi Tati which camera are you using ? It’s sooo gooddd and clearrr

  7. Dezi Monique

    Did the Fenty work? How can you figure it out if you have different makeup all over?

  8. Kasey Lynn

    Man fave favorite Friday

  9. Emilia Geißler

    Now I'm definitely going to buy the foundation. Just waited for you Tati to test it.
    Thanks X.
    BTW: the foundation looks really good on your skin. 🙂

  10. Mayfield Ranch

    What highlight did you use? It looks spectacular! I need it!

  11. Jess12181

    You look cute and comfortable which is a good thing and I love your makeup! I got a sample of this foundation and I’m going to try it this week!

  12. Jenni Bucci

    Wait wait we need to go over how you didn’t pack a suit case

  13. Weyne's

    Tati wearing a ton of Make Up in sweat pants and sweat shirt is a mood

  14. Brooke Emahiser

    Please try or the new “Believe” beauty line exclusive to dollar general! Everything under $5 and the foundation is so good!! It’s all I’ve used since I bought it over a month ago 😘

  15. Kamilla

    Come on man do it‼️ Be champ and show them how it’s done 😜💪🏼‼️

  16. Cheay Shumski

    Yes!!!! Man favorites!! So I have good ideas for my dude on Xmas this year!!

  17. Mel

    This foundation didn’t work for me:/ Made my pores look huge

  18. gn lilu

    I love 💕 Tati being just herself, Tati.

  19. Dee Marie

    I feel like my skin looks like this when its oily… and I guess, it's called "dewy"? Lol I guess I'm dewy all the time…

  20. Kelly McLaughlin

    Yes please do a mans favorite! Would be so helpful when I have to get gifts for my fiancé!

  21. Alyssa Rawls

    Girl same! My skin HATES spf foundations! Clogged pore city.

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