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  1. Sandy Mason

    Wow! Great tips that I will actually use.

  2. Miss Campbella

    Can u upload tutorials for people with problematic skin. Its real basic to see you put make up on bitches that don't need make up

  3. Nasia Georgakopoulou

    Loooved it thank you!!!

  4. cool bean

    she's so pretty omg, really easy and great tutorial!! def gonna try all these out

  5. Sally Ma


  6. Shasha

    step 1 have even flawless face. Yep

  7. Baljit Tiwana

    Does anyone else have trouble using the match stix under their eyes? I have used it in different ways and it always ends up creasing under the eye. 🙁

  8. Swara D

    Emily has flawless skin! Priscilla is so talented! Loved the video!❤✨

  9. Shreya Goenka


  10. Brenda Millan

    i have a crush on emily wow thx

  11. Jacque B

    I’m living for this look!!! Going to have to order that matchstick under the eye.

  12. Sarah Carey

    Emily!!!! Love her Youtube channel!!

  13. 잭ジエク JAEKH

    When I saw the thumbnail, I was like her face is familiar. Then she said Emily and I was like omg Yes! I love her! 😍❤

  14. sigrid jinyu ho


  15. sigrid jinyu ho

    who is the model!!!! so gorgeous!!!!

  16. Wanda Wanda

    Love it

  17. Jonathan Onorato

    1) FENTY for the win
    2) LOVE Priscilla Ono
    4) Going to duplicate this technique/look

  18. Andrea Chaves

    loved please do more tutorials

  19. kat asmr


  20. Liyah Sunshine

    So pretty 😍😍

  21. kuhren

    step one: have perfect skin

  22. Sandy Pandy

    Wow the lip combo was so cool !

  23. Gabrielle Gwaltney

    Wish y’all would do a tutorial on how to contour for people with dimples!

  24. Mohamed Makia

    Omg the model is unbelievable, how much pretty

  25. Francielle Batista

    Emilyyyy 😘😍😍

  26. Brianna DeRosa

    This is def the sheer, glassy look I tend to go for. And I feel like I will have very similar shades to this model… thank you!

  27. Seokjinie99

    It's 2 am in France, lol who need sleep When Fenty post something 😌😂

  28. Ten Ways To Wear It

    You look stunning Priscilla. I love your hair and makeup. 💕

  29. Ten Ways To Wear It

    Emily has AMAZING skin. So smooth and it looks poreless. ♥️💜♥️💜♥️💜

  30. speedychi 1412

    Omg emily ghoul 💕💕

  31. Jaime G

    I got a question will this work with some wrinkles

  32. Timothy Thompson

    Loved this Look 😁 Priscilla Ono 😁

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