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  1. Lord Yamcha

    Karma is real

  2. Daniel Redman

    Well deserved. Dont scare innocent birds

  3. Adam Ak

    Watching it in slow motion makes it extremely cheesy

  4. DarkMetalMusic

    Forget the window, what was the kid made of, jello and straw?

  5. Hottest one

    What normal people see: Mario jumps on the enemy.
    What i see: 4:26

  6. Arcade Kareem

    final destination pisses me off rather than scare me

  7. Magnificent Microave

    Nemo got stuck in the filter again!

  8. ILikechicken

    At 4:34 she cries exactly the same twice

  9. Wxstey YT

    This is literally nemo😂

  10. Storytime Central

    Am I the only one who feels bad for the boy and the mom?

  11. Aparecida Elaine

    Ele não morre dentro do dentista mais fora no médico ele morre 😫😱👏😎🇧🇷👍

  12. Glitchy

    let me just suddenly decide to scare a swarm of pigeons

  13. Alex G

    4:30 Acting is terrible lmao

  14. Melvin Estrella

    The our death is for us but if day come they day do know if you the one in case just u prefer always pray coz death is not be afried is the home of us but in you not prefer to God and then you much be not accept to to glory of GOD

  15. Karma Albelbaissy

    You know crap's boutta get real when that music starts playin

  16. Poison-Opal

    Think of that dentist bill she just had to pay

  17. RBMK- 1000 reactor


  18. AbAn AshrAf

    what source of magic is this, its amazing that he dis-appeared

  19. ToxicDefaultYT

    This dentist must be blind by not seeing loads of water coming up to his feat

  20. Veriox22 2

    Why would you place lionfish exactly at the top of a patient?

  21. Shy Steel

    Well am I the only one who feels good that the pigeons didn’t die

  22. Adam Telford - Atel

    Imagine trying to help a pigeon and almost killing a kid.

  23. Floribel Chicas

    Bruh if I was the boy I would have pushed it out with my tounge

  24. marco polo71

    For some reason final destination makes me very angry.. the stupid characters and unrealistic shit..

  25. pirhenz

    kinda scared because a I'm going to the dentist next week

  26. ExtraDogy Gamer

    Nice,this helped me about my pharaonai from dentist

  27. I like pizza

    0:19 WHAT THE FUCK

  28. Jess Walker

    I have to go to the dentists tomorrow. Welp

  29. Anime for Life

    Glass cant smash you down like the hulk but good content

  30. Rowshie Husain

    Look at detailing of every scene..Amazing😇

  31. Mohamadayafrizan Alwi

    Panteq ngagetin asuuuu

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