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  1. Mathias4Makeup

    I'm glad you love my channel! You should consider booking me for a video conference lesson using Facetime or Skype so I can teach you personally. My rates are $2 per minute live while we video chat – or $50 per half hour and $100 per full hour. If you live in southern California or you're coming to LA then you can book me for in-studio trainings any time! Click here to find our more information on my website http://bit.ly/1I0Eww3

  2. Debbie Scritchfield

    I really loved the beauty tutorial, but I have been diagnosed with skin cancer where they had to remove my tear ducts so my eye waters constantly so what kind of makeup will last if you are always wiping your face? I just feel so ugly without makeup.

  3. Ashley Stack

    With the exact same royalty free music as every other channel. 😬

  4. Kay Nguyen


  5. Dazzledby DM

    I ran across your videos recently and have been hooked! You have great content! 😆

  6. Forever Fearless Magazine

    Love it! Check my channel out too! 🙂

  7. Marisa Clark

    I just love you, your so awesome

  8. Crystal Banchor

    Best Channel!

  9. Brandi Reichert

    Love the way you tell it like it is.
    Love and Blessings to you both.

  10. Jennifer Joyce Beauty

    Yes honey!! Love your channel and YOU!!!

  11. Linda Magana

    I have been watching you for years and you definitely are the most influential Professional make up artist that I have ever learned from and I can’t wait to work with you one on one in a private video chat lesson!!! And thank you for offering us a discount on your professional services by simply donating to your Patreon account month to month where you also post exclusive behind the scenes full length tutorials for mature women like me!!!

  12. harini jhaveri

    First of all , thank you for continuing on you tube , you have tremendous knowledge to share for tons of newbies in the Industry. I totally believe that experience makes perfection. In any career or industry , experience plays major role. Second, I always wonder and when ever I see your tutorial I am always drawn to most flattering sheen on your lip. what is that you are doing differently. I am not lip gloss person at all but would love to achieve that with in , dimensional highlighting effect on my lips. Thank you .

  13. Kelly Wolfe

    I gave you a like…..

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