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  1. Lina La


  2. LipsandLids

    What brush was the white one that you put the first shadow on with – soothe?

  3. GAJET far

    48 is affordable for you not for people they live in min wage

  4. Susie Synth

    "$48 for all of this is amazing"
    You know they sell many many pallets like this that are very highly pigmented for like $16?
    Oh yes. Lol Ill pay $48 or higher for cosmetics that are unique.
    This is very common looking.

  5. Cindy Lebowitz

    I want to see Emily Noel review this lol! For the record, I like both of them.

  6. Zara Chaudhry

    Huda should learn something from Tati high quality product and affordable Huda keeps increasing price of her makeup

  7. ellen lankford

    Shane’s palette will have some nice pale shades. It will be awesome for us pale folks. I won’t get Tati’s palette or Shane’s b/c I only use cream eyeshadows due to my advanced age. If your skin wiggles out from underneath the brush, u use something stickier!

  8. Yeah ummmm City Color Matte and Shimmer palatte

  9. Yeah definitely some lighter shades, remember she has what is it an olive skin tone with dark brown hair and I have green eyes (light eyes) and blond hair (light colored hair) so I don't go for those darker shades. I actually just did a haul and got rid of all my darker shade eye shadow palattes.

  10. Angie Long

    I'd LOVEEEE to own this Palette, I only own one Palette

  11. Michelle Osborn


  12. charlene augustyniak

    I can't believe you received your palette a;ready . My order still states preshipment.

  13. cate499

    I absolutely love the palette!

  14. sharon lewis

    Are you talking about YouTube Tutorials? I had know idea she have a palette out. Thanks for the review.💜 🐱

  15. Lisa Parrish

    Love the look! Can’t wait for mine to get here!

  16. Asia Mai

    Nice Video! The palette is very pretty

  17. Mommy’s Got 3

    I’m afraid that if I buy this palette I’m going to want to throw away all the other ones I have.

  18. Leigh Barry

    I just got my notification and its supposed to be here on the 1st lol and I will be waiting with my hands out Fr€akiNg the H€LLL out hopping up and down saying "PLEASE gimme gimme gimme" and Thank you(of course I said please and thank you🙄I'm NOT a savage after all)because I adore Tati and have been a subscriber since her$20 bombshell challenge!!!
    That's BEFORE James😁 her integrity and honesty are well above the others within the beauty community and its WHY I watch🤗💜 and love her and can't WAIT to get MINE!!!!

  19. Michelle Antoinette

    Love the natural look

  20. Lee Weyer

    I jumped on this the second it launched. It is perfect for me. I love more neural colors but also once in awhile want a little pop of color and her layout was one I've never seen before. I'm excited to get mine but I'm 2200 miles from where it shipped lol

  21. Bobbie Loves Beauty

    Girl I am new to you’re channel by chance you are in my feed. I’m so glad I love you’re personality and so far you’re video my tati pallet comes today and I and so so freaking excited. I want to try the browns first I don’t know why I keep gravitating to browns I never wear them but this week I’ve been all about them. Great video I can’t wait to see more. 💕

  22. Rubab ruby Vlog London

    Very nice and good video 😍

  23. Iryna113

    So jealous that some people already received their orders on Monday. It is Wednesday now and I still did not even receive my shipping confirmation email…

  24. Paperism

    I missed the first launching but I don't know why I keep watching this pallet review 😂😭

  25. Rachel Jones

    Ordered mine around 2 minutes after launch and it still hasn’t shipped!! Gotta wait longer anyway because I’m in the UK. Wish it would just be dispatched already!

  26. Elaine Bines

    Tati palette is nothing new – I can replicate the eyeshadow colors in at least two other palettes I own. At the end of the day, there are only, so many shades and only so much money, that can be made 😉

  27. Everyday Lifestyle

    Love love your videos!! Hope we can be YouTube friends ❤️

  28. Tara Enlow

    What is glitter glue?

  29. Chrissy Moss

    I'm in the UK So my palette is going to be another 2 weeks in the mail. I'm excited to receive it tho!
    Everyone I've watched has commented on it ease of blending – totally love that.
    Stephanie Glines said that wetting the brush was definitely the way to go for the sequins etc.
    But honestly, I don't think there's ever going to be a "different" palette. I think we've seen them all now.
    I hope I'm wrong, 😉😉.

  30. Givemesomesugar

    I'm a beginner in make up (late bloomer here), and I was always superintimidated with other palettes. I never knew how to use the colours so I just never tried. I bought this palette bc it looks good for everyday and great quality. This palette really opened up my creativity and I'm already thinking about looks I want to try! I can't wait for it to get here.

  31. surakshya karki

    What was the other palette name? That looked stunning

  32. Jennifer #Shane&Jeffree Orlando

    I've seen alot of people wet their brush for the metallics&glitters&it looked beautiful with almost no fallout!

  33. Angie Elliott

    I bought it. 1. To support Tati. 2. Because it was not outrageously priced. 3. I knew it wouldn't be crap because she thinks things through.
    So far, everyone I have seen trying it has loved it.

  34. Martha Torres

    Mine is just days away can’t wait!!!

  35. Catherine Spyrou

    Your look turned out amazing! Btw I'm a small youtuber so check my channel out and subscribe if you want to! 💕💕

  36. sophie RenLeb

    Love your review. I ordered and it’s on the way. That orange scheme is so wearable, fresh and natural. It looked so pretty on you.

  37. Maggie May8865

    The pallet has such an unique layout! I cannot recall any other pallet layout like this

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