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  1. Enzo Coglitore


  2. Loan Thach

    It works! I’ve been having enormous lower back pain for the last 4 days. I drove for 14 hrs without stretching and that created it. It’s been super difficult to even sit down or get up from a toilet without using the walls to assist me.

    I did this exercise and I think I'm 85% better. I reactivated my glute muscles and then I tried the movements that were difficult (getting up, sitting down). And it so much easier and almost no pain. It also helped to position my butt at the top of the movement and then ease it down. Like negative contractions on a rep. 😀 THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  3. Anna A

    More videos with our 'favourite' host, pleaaaaaase! 🙂

  4. Abcnbc

    I don’t think you can squeeze your glutes with this position

  5. shot boi

    how many times should i repeat this exercise for success??

  6. Gunars Vaivods

    Thank you! It works!

  7. Ram Kumar

    i have this problem great tip love from india

  8. anadareiqat

    That salt n peppa.. what a man

  9. ChamorruWarrior

    I felt this 100% in my hipflexors and not in my glutes at all… Wtf is wrong with me???

  10. Lindsay Rausch

    With lower cross and a L5S1 disk issue I love the low back and hip flexor videos

  11. Vinayaka

    5:00 How do I know if I like the video as much as you enjoyed making it? I don't know how much, if at all you liked making this video.

  12. Peter Clegg

    Will this still work if you have had a spinal fusion and get crippling nerve pain ?

  13. Patrick Burger

    I've been looking for this info since forever! thanks! Can you help me with another problem? When I'm doing push ups, pull ups or band pull aparts my neck seems to get stiff and hurtful. Are my traps or neck muscles just weak or what? i try to execute the exercises with really good form. please help me, and thsnk you for being such a great channel!

  14. noodz

    Why would I listen to this guy ? Does he even lift ?😜😝😂 Nah thanks for the Vid !

  15. Kobaspire

    You can achieve this by just laying down, put the soles of your feet together with your knees falling out on each side. This deactivated your hip flexors …. no do your crunches

  16. Anneverzel

    i only recently discover this channel, and the mind pump podcast, thank you for all the excellent information!

  17. Tiago Hoshi

    Sal be looking yummy in that shirt

  18. Ankur Deep

    Nice video as always.
    How about information on fasted vs fed workout?

  19. AngelOne11

    What to do when you have tight glutes and hip flexors at the same time? My right glute and hip flexors are both extremely tight.

  20. Green Eggs and Ham

    I'll try it

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