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  1. TappBrothers

    Hey Tapp bros here, thanks for watching! Make sure to give this video a like and subscribe if you enjoy! See you next week!

    Also Big thanks to MMA Colombia for hosting us in Medellin, Colombia. Check out there fitness & fighting classes here: http://bit.ly/2CMicd5

    Train safe and stay strong!

    Thomas & Jonathan

  2. Jame Andy

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  3. Young Buck

    I've watched about 100 videos and did few hundreds of exercises for last 8 months and nothing helped me. What the fuck is wrong with me, RTG didn't show anything wrong with my spine.

  4. Donavan LoForte

    Awesome info re: superman! I've talked about the discomfort with my team before and now we do the bird dog (opt. 1 pilates ball in lifting hand, supporting hand–wide span/directly below the engaged shoulder)

  5. Jim Smith

    Has he had an electric shock?

  6. Ron Mitchell PHR

    It could be interesting if you both made short annual or semi annual videos describing areas of soreness you get from parkour, across time. As well as some insights about how you adjust. Do you avoid certain movements/techniques? Do you have certain exercises you do to recover? Does one exercise work better for one of you and another works better on the other?

    Martial artists often alter techniques they use as their bodies get older. I would be curious to see how this applies to parkour. Just a thought.

    Thanks for posting all of these great videos!

  7. Zing Merch

    Thanks – simple instruction

  8. Keanu Wood

    Would you recommend these to people with scoliosis that suffer lower back pain?

  9. Michaela Didier

    Fell from 15 feet or so onto my feet while bouldering 5 months ago and my lower back still hurts from it. The impact seemed to compress something. Any kind of arching at all aggravates it. Was your lower back pain from an acute injury like that or an overuse type of thing? Any ideas for something like this?

  10. Michael S.

    Thanks for some great advice. Can't wait to try it.

  11. gi0rgi0ne

    Thanks, I like these exercises, but could you elaborate on why the Superman exercise is bad? I am doing it regularly and don’t want to damage my back.
    When i have backpain, bridges help a lot.

  12. Simon Stauber

    Since when do u have "lower back pain"? A man in your "condition" shouldn't…

  13. Nico'TF92i

    I don't get how I keep getting lower back pain doing gym stretches who are supposed to make your body feel good and more flexible 😧

  14. Donald Francis

    Your audio in your videos is always on point. What wireless system are you using to capture your audio. THX 🙂

  15. Matt Merillo

    How many reps and sets do your recommend for each?

  16. Maykol Pinipig

    thank you Jonathan!

  17. rabbits_paws

    Ye, make more pain-relief exercises, please. Especialy trapezius muscule pain and neck pain. Thanks [2]

  18. rabbits_paws

    Thank you

  19. ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride, HIV HOAX

    Good advice!

    When I have lower back pain I do back bend bridges. It is an advanced exercise but I think it is the best exercise for lower back or spinal problems.

  20. ebroks

    You guys are getting close to 1mil 🙂 keep up the good work. I love learning fighting techniques and parkour and proper stretching and posture correction goes hand in hand with those 2 things. Thanks tapps 🙂

  21. Johnny Doe

    Get a haircut!!!
    Great video though! It really helped me a lot!

  22. Zafar

    Thank you brother. I'll try that.

  23. Life Is A Gift

    I do yoga cat stretch for my back pain, it did wonder, try it. Stay awesome guys 🙏

  24. Artist of Life

    I remember seeing that video in the old academy 😍
    Thanks brothers. 🔥💓

  25. JustCalisthenics

    Lower back pain, really common issue these days. Hope that these exercises will help to so many people out there and make their life easier!

  26. Marko Pavlovic

    First stretch/exercise actually was a killer for my back and do not recommended at all. But again that was my lb issue. The other one is perfect.

  27. burntvirtue

    Helpful video, but what's up with that hair…besides that hair? Also come on dude, you can't even demonstrate 3 mins of an exercise without your phone on you?

  28. Hong kong Freerunning

    Your videos are really helpful! thank you!!!

  29. neverhaveiever ever

    This is awesome.i recently purchased your flexibility and strength training videos and have felt a great improvement in my mobility and body. I'm able to do exercises I was never able to before! Thanks for your innovative ideas in body movement! Indy from London 🙏

  30. Chameleon Soul

    Ur body is sexy af

  31. Alvin Prettyman

    thanks for posting … love your videos

  32. mohan jairam

    What about upper back?

  33. KalasWinglet

    Those legs in the thumbnail tho

  34. Clayform14

    Do you know if tight low back muscles can radiate pain to the glutes and to the legs. Saying that there isn’t a disc problem, just tight and/or weak low back and weak glutes, can tingling go down the legs? This question is not associated with a disc sciatica issue.

  35. Sports Brothers

    Thanks i was wondering how

  36. Ali_ReBORN

    Anybody with posterior disc bulge or herniation doing that thumbnail exercise will totally ruin their back further. You need to address that in your videos!

  37. Peeko

    Lastly I have been having lower spinal back pain at the point in which my back bends backwards. I am a gymnast, so whenever I do a back handspring or bridge, my back pinches so hard, it’s almost impossible for me to do back bending skills. Does anyone have any other ideas or exercises to help me? Thank you so much!!!


    Dude thank you for this tip thank you so much

  39. Techno Mukund

    You're awesome 👌

  40. 15shadowmario

    Who else was thinking about lower back pain then this video just poofed

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