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  1. Bill Calhoun

    After doing a to-the-limit row, raise and pull-up back and shoulder workout I sometimes get really bad day-after pain that seems to come from either my infraspinatus fascia, trapezious and goes up myScapulae then onto my splenius capitis. And i get headaches. Could this have something to do with the lower back muscles like you address in your program? I'm gonna buy today if this'll rid my lower and upper back problems. Driving me nuts (lower and upper)

  2. Syed Naqvi

    Elliot Hulse

  3. Catherine Gordon

    Thanks Rick, We can use this at Gordon Studio to make sure we reach our goals.

  4. Ann Conroy

    I've had back problems for 20 years, mostly low level but with some very painful flare-ups. Maybe this is just what I need.

  5. Phillip Schlueter

    I live each and every day with some limitations but I don't let that stop me from my WO's. 3 years ago I literally could not walk (no weight bearing on my left leg at all). Bulging disc at L4/5 (all of them for that matter). I've overcome most of the pain but still am very cautious of some movements. I do "deads and squats" without much problem, it's jerky/plyo movements that can send me into the stratosphere. Think that this video, when released, will do the trick with me? SURGERY! NOT!

  6. ExercisesForInjuries

    Yes we believe in the product and helping people overcome pain.

  7. iKickYourLunch

    strong marketing. but if you truly believe in your products i might try it

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