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  1. Maya Curran

    Flax seeds are also good for acne, along with cilantro.

  2. Sneha Armugam

    Flaxseed powder mixed with Curd in the morning can we have it in the lunch… plz reply mam

  3. lidia armstrong

    All you said is only for over all weight loss, but my weight is average , I only need a flat belly you don't say anything about flat belly

  4. anjum ansari

    Can I add flaxseeds in Oats smoothie also

  5. Princy Tharsis

    Is it good for overweighed of abt more than 120kg how many times they have to consume it daily I expect ur reply

  6. Lali Sreya

    ethu pakam cheyathe kazhikkamo.cook ch.eythal kuzhappam undo.

  7. Tedison

    That was very helpful auntie, thanks.

  8. Shyama Haldar

    How abt mixing it with hot bowl of daal ??

  9. Feroze Ahmed

    is it hot water or cold water mam??

  10. Shihab Valiyakath

    Nice video and ideas, but regarding loss of nutrition benefits after half an hour when its in grounded state is not true, you can keep it for a period if 1 year inside tight containers at room temperature. It is stable.

  11. Geeta Pillai

    Mam thanks for such excellent weight loss recipe .. pl let me know it is available in Kerala or nearby trivandrum

  12. Geetha kumar

    Mam is it advisable 2 store grounded flax seed for a month

  13. Arpita Das

    Use it warm water?? Plss reply

  14. TashBabi16

    QUESTION: If I bought grounded flaxseed should I get rid of it. Does it have any nutritional properties after being opened

  15. Puratchi Mangai

    Can we roast flaxseed and eat?

  16. RaniselvammRANISELVAM Raniselvam

    I use to mix in my rice while eating meals is that the right way???


    Very good information mam. Thank you so much. Can I take roasted flax seed because I have high level of uric acid

  18. Eyeru

    It’s amazing

  19. rutu mendhe

    Without watching this video I have tried 1sat way of consuming flex seed … But water taste not that much good but ya I have used roosted flex powder… As I know it will useful for weight loss I will definitely going to try it .. previously tried for skin glow ….

  20. Anuzzha D

    Hi, Can a pregnant women try these?

  21. Merline Thomson

    Is there any problem in consuming roasted flax seeds?

  22. Meghla Maji

    Ma'am I am a student who stays in hostel. I am in my weight loss journey now and I try to consume flaxseeds daily. But I can have it in two forms only either whole flax seeds or grinded once which is kept in container for 1month almost. I can't grind it daily as I don't have mixer in my hostel. What should I do?

  23. Ta

    Very well explained. Truly appreciate. Please surely share more videos with healthy food related

  24. cherry gupta

    Can we just roast them and eat with water ?

  25. Hasna Shahid

    Best vedeo on flaxseeds. Very Informative

  26. Neha pandey

    Mam ye garam hoti h acne pimples to nhi ho jayenge grmi m

  27. sowji bhadra

    Mam delivery ayyinavallu thinocha

  28. Divya Sree

    Hi mam ..ur videos are very useful.. thanku frst of all.. plz let me know whether i can use 2tbsp of flax seed powder at one go in water and consume every morning on empty stmch.. nd nly i wud need to consume ths.. can i prepare ths powder for 2-3 days at one go and use accordingly. As fr 2tbsp of powder, it wud b difficult preparng..

  29. Koravin Thakral

    I have heard that to lose wight it is better to take at night pls advice

  30. sumithra gowda

    We make chatney pudi n use it for a month or so. Is it not safe

  31. poushali kar

    Hot water or cold?

  32. sami Samra

    Hai…is it hot water?..


    Can flax seeds used during pregnancy?

  34. Nirmala Nair

    Can flax seeds be used while breast feeding

  35. Sanjana Anbarasan

    Can flax seeds be soaked whole night and consumed in the morning on empty stomach…please let me know madam

  36. taranluck singhhjjjijnq

    Very nice video mam, mam lactating mothers isko use kr skti h? Plz rply

  37. Lalitha Eapen

    Can I wash the flax seeds and dry them in sun and keep in airtight bottle. I am not happy to use it directly after purchasing from store because we Dont know how it is packed. Waiting for your reply thanks in advance

  38. arshu hashmi

    Can flax seeds increases breast size please reply me soon please??

  39. Miracle On Earth

    Can we grind them and keep it in refrigerator??

  40. Kezia Paul

    Normal water…? Or warm water…?

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