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  1. Sobia Arif


  2. shiny

    Madam some one said BCz of consuming flaxseed had a prblm of pregnancy and chances for not getting pregnancy is it correct? ??

  3. Zarina Rahman

    Should flaxseed be taken on empty stomach before breakfast or with breakfast?

  4. Logeswari D.K

    Hello madam. Thanks for the video. I would like to share my observation after consuming flax seeds regularly. I used to take smoothies for at least 20 days in a month and included powdered flax. But I got my late periods on that specific month.. 10 days delayed. So I stopped using flax and I'm taking it only between 1 to 10 from my last menstural date which is fine.

  5. javeria khan

    roast flax seeds?

  6. poonam singh

    Can we use it in summers

  7. Rey Ghnghs

    Flax seeds se sch m weight loss hoga….mrng or evng m flax seeds khaye or isse phle mrng evng m nimboo ko grm pani m mix kr k piye…or roti 1 or sbji salad jyada le…1 mnth m 10 kg km hoga……..agr sath m running kroge to or b jyada benefit hoga……agr runng nhi kr skte to baba ramdev wali 11 exercises jrur kre….100% weight loss hoga….

  8. Tasty Kitchen by PoojaRK

    Good sharing

  9. Priyanka Batra

    Hello mam,

    Thanks for sharing healthy benefits of flax seeds. Mam iam a working women how can i carry powdered flaxseeds along wd me

  10. Chandana AG

    Good use ful

  11. Mrs Khan

    Hy mame plzz brestfeed mom can this used..? Plzz tell mee

  12. Susan Moses

    Can I roast and take it?

  13. Dozen Roses

    Oh my I’m looking at some of the dumbest questions ever! The seeds come grounded already people, not only that if it already comes stored then why ask if u can empty it out of the original container and place it in the refrigerator 🤦🏽‍♀️geesh

  14. Manisha Choudhary

    Can we eat without grinding ?

  15. keerti kamat

    Wen to take this? Before or after breakfast? Is it good to take twice a day? Before bf and after dinner? Anyone got a good result after consuming this? Pls reply. TIA

  16. Ushamol Gopikuttan Nair

    How much eat oneday

  17. supriya kureel

    Can I take whole flax seeds for weight loss at morning and in night


    Nice mam…

  19. Nannam Deepa

    When should we consme it before food or after having food

  20. wowfoelife warcrack

    I eat red river ceral it has flax in in I've lost allmost 40 pounds now it feels me up less then 1 cup for dinner I'll mix green beans with it an some times tuna so good

  21. Sibani Behera

    We hve to consume it before food or after food?? And how many times in a day?????

  22. MrXrayshade

    Not good for men, due to the estrogen mimicking component's. Avoid if you want a healthy testosterone level..

  23. suba chandran

    mam i have ulcer. so i will have or not mam pls reply

  24. Shoaib Shahi

    video starts at 4:19

  25. pagal khopdi

    Isko kaccha kha sakte hein kiya

  26. roopsha bhowmick

    What is the best way to consume flaxseed for aiding PCOS problems? Also if due to lack of time i store ground flaxseeds in an air right container, till how many days should i be using them?

  27. lakshmi annapurna khandavilli

    Hai madam.. I have thyroid problem can I take flax seeds

  28. ankush chaudhary

    Can we use in summer ?

  29. Raziya razi

    Flax seed and linseed are same?
    This work for weight loss


    Hi, there are many videos suggesting that flax seeds are not good for daily consumption.. How true is that and how frequently it is good to consume flax seeds?

  31. Sonia Sharma

    Hii I take roasted flaxseeds is it beneficial fr weight loss nd wat should be timing fr taking it

  32. Rabia Mohsin

    Mam can i roast n grind flax seeds, n store the powder in the fridge n use it?? For 1 week useage? Plz reply..

  33. Subi Daniel

    Skinny recipes… Hey nisa… can a pcos prsn hve flax seeds… if yes, how to consume, when to consume, n in wat quantity and for how many days… please reply

  34. richieboy09

    nice one 🙂

  35. Neelu Shaik

    hi, I have a 9 months old powdered flax seed powder. when I look at it, it is as fresh as freshly ground one. can I use it now? is that fine?

  36. sweta panda

    I have pcod problem .can i have it.

  37. Tanika Soni

    Cn we store it in fridge?

  38. Manikutty Manu

    Can i eat soaked flax seeds?normally i mix 2tablespoon of flaxseed powder with banana-oats smoothy for breakfast.Is it good??

  39. rOsE 02

    Is this ok for someone that takes warfarin?

  40. Jiji C

    Mam shall I eat flax seed while trying to get pregnant. Please reply.

  41. SAMUDRA GUPT Maurya

    Hi there! I have some doubts, actually I was told that roast seeds and turn them powdered form and take one tbs before sleeping. What should i do? Suggest please? Thanks

  42. Heed4health

    The benefits of flaxseeds include promoting a healthy digestion, regulating insulin levels in our body, increasing thermogenesis and balancing the hormones in our body.

  43. my life

    Mam kya isse pet garam hota hai .. i have severe issue of hyperacidity n gas.. can I use it …. n if I use it will it give inches loss.. please please reply

  44. gouri kalita

    can i include flax seed in any kind of milk shakes…

  45. Nishu verma

    from where we can buy it ☺☺

  46. jerin jery

    chechi malayalatil flax seedinu end paraunne plz

  47. Arshiya Patel

    So we shouldn't roast it, is it?

  48. hot flash

    I mix 4 tbsp of ground flax seed in 32 oz of cold almond milk with a squish of Hershey's chocolate syrup. It's a great breakfast drink. I also use it as a late afternoon snack instead of dinner.

  49. Bini A

    is flaxseed and muthira the same..pls reply…if not pls post some muthira weightloss receipe

  50. Amruta Desai

    do v need to fry it befor grinding

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