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  1. priyanka bharke

    I'm allergic to lemon.is it compulsary to use lemon.pls reply as I have to reduce weigh post delivery..I put on so much and very upset after delivery.
    Wanna try this kindly reply..Can we take it without lemon.

  2. T N

    Ma’am are you a professional nutritionist ?

  3. Cat And


  4. Rabi Gn

    is it safe during breastfeeding???.. im exclusivly bfing and want to loose weight sooo bad.. should i drink???

  5. Ritika gupta

    Can I continue this drink in periods also…is this going to effect my periods cycle

  6. Himali Shah

    Can you have flax seed powder with low fat milk for weight loss ?

  7. Sayeeda Khanam Sayeeda Khanam

    Hi mam thks fr this easy method….plz make a easy weight loss plan

  8. Tarvin Jaigirdar

    Can I use whole flaxseed instead of ground?

  9. Kavitha Sakthivel

    We have to use with hot water or normal water

  10. FAiZAa Malik

    i have no ground flaxseed pleas tell me can i use Whole ???

  11. Megala S

    Can we use fried flaxseed

  12. Aura 0001

    can we grade it at home n use?

  13. Hafsa Sajid

    Mam due to sciatica I can't do workout wd diet… Kindly give some diet plan wdt workout.. Want to lose 15 kg

  14. Srujana Modalavalasa

    Can we take this drink during fasting time in IF?????

  15. Che Rry

    Maam can you make a video on lightening of dark neck , elbows , knees , inner thighs etc plz

  16. s o

    vicky ur simply d best😀

  17. Mercy sandeep

    Hi dear is this safe for nursing mothers ??

  18. Priyanka Priyanka

    Can we consume it in summer, because flax seeds is hot itself

  19. Praveen mathe

    Amazing voice. I've been drinking flaxseed water daily before bed but with normal water. Then I see ur video. I am so happy abt ur video.

  20. Nandini S Kumar

    Super dear vicky

  21. Mahwish Sohail

    I used this drink already…its a miracal drink dear…lots off love for this…💖💖💖

  22. Owais khan

    Thank you sister.. your all video helpful.. from Pakistan

  23. Madhuri Nahata

    Can nursing mother take dis???

  24. Ayisha Ali

    A diet plan for Vitamin D deficiency please. It seems losing weight becomes difficult if we are low in vitamin D!

  25. zobia imtiyaz

    Can I add ACV to this drink instead of lemon???

  26. somvati maan

    Hi Vicky
    Could you please post a video of weight loss for vegitarian vitamin D deficient people.

  27. Alicia Wandasheunda

    Hii vicky can help with a keto diet plan

  28. Kavitha Kavitha

    I m gonna try this today n update u about the results after a week 😉

  29. As Azad

    Thanks mam. Can u please upload about oats milk for weight loss on nex video.

  30. Rayyan Rehan

    We have to roast or direct make powder

  31. Vinita Vinita patidar

    Suger free tablet par video banaye wait loss ke

  32. Swathy Umakanthan

    Hey Vicki been following ur videos since two years… thank u so much for this… should i need to roast the raw flax seeds b4 grinding

  33. Tanzia Tishi

    hello can u pls tell that flaxseed does anything to women hormones i heard it irritates women hormones pls let know

  34. Aditi Joshi

    I have just started using this drink since the last 2 days, and here comes your video too! 🙂
    I roast flax seeds and coarsely grind them. Do not stock beyond 4-5 days.
    I consume this an hour before sleeping. Will update on weight every week.
    Start weight – 66.1

  35. Javnika Patel

    Chia seeds water ke shath kese le plz reply me mam

  36. TechGirl Channel

    Very nice Ma'am. Thanks.

  37. Prajakta Borate

    What is difference between weight loss & fat loss?

  38. Abrish Noshad

    Thanks from Karachi…I m following ur tips from last month and it help me reduces.3kg.
    With cheat meals in portion also.

  39. Mamta s

    Hi Vicky..thanks for another useful video..I am ur subscriber..please tell if breast feeding mothers can use it..

  40. Nikita Shirsat

    Yes its works..i lost 4kg in one month. i consumed every morning on empty stomach combined with intermediate fasting.

  41. Hoorab Jannat

    Ma’am please share full diet plans as u did before like from empty stomach drink to bed time drink ….

  42. sravani a

    am going to try this from tmrw

  43. Rony Thomas


  44. Sheeba Sabah


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