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  1. Divya Sharma

    Hey i love the video and all the shades are fabulous. I am tempted to try rosewood as it is a beautiful everyday shade and perfect for college. Indeed it is a mind blowing shade. Following on insta as dikshasharma2658

  2. Riya Goel

    The Scarlett letter looks beautiful on you . That's definitely my favourite shade. Thanks for another great video!
    My Instagram –


  3. aparna tiwari

    I was waiting for ur video. U introduced me to brand 'Faces' and now 'Flower'. I just love ur videos. Ur smile is contagious 😀. My fav rosewood. Insta id: ariwaridubey

  4. Pooja s.k

    You are so sweet in explaining the product

  5. anonymous 123

    I love the shade scarlet letter 💕 Instagram handle- reviewsandswatches

  6. Mourina Bose

    Loved Scarlet letter 😍
    Already a subscriber on YouTube & follower on Instagram 🙋
    Insta id- bee_mou

  7. Sanjana Bhojwani

    The colors are tooo beautiful and i think Scarlet letter and Rosewood are my go to shades from this range…. thanks Aparna for all the hardwork you do👍 cheers

  8. Chaitra Krishna

    Rose wood 😍 chaitragowri18

  9. Poulomi Bhowmick

    That smile makes every shade vibrant.🙈 1. Merlot Kiss 2.Rosewood..Instagram id :- @ipoulomibhowmick

  10. reshmi roy

    Love the shade ROSE WOOD 😍
    Insta ID-royreshmi001.

  11. Sanjana Bhojwani

    Hey Aparna, I am Sanjana. I have recently started following you and trust me you are doing an awesome job for lipstick junkies like me!!! I think you are working to well to be an inspiration for a lot of girls who would like to make their careers as lifestyle & fashion bloggers. 👍👍👍 and you deserve a lot of love here ❤❤❤…I have a request to make, if you could please swatch and review Nykaa liquid mattee lipsticks and Maybelline Sensational The Loaded Bold Lipsticks in your upcoming videos.

  12. Meena Vinoth

    I initially requested you for chambor crayon shades dear. Hope you will do once. And as always am interested in trying new lipsticks this one is a must try after seeing your video. I like Nude blush, Soft berry shades. Love you loads for announcing this give away. Hope i will win. Iam already following you in insta and my id is @meenuvinoth.

  13. Tia Dolker

    I really like ur hair.. from where did u chop

  14. Meenakshi Gautam

    One more swatch video 😍… I really love your swatch n skin care videos…well m not on intsa, but wud like to win scarlet letter, it's killer😍.. Love🤗

  15. Qarina

    I heard good reviews about Flower brand in past also. All the shades looking extremely pretty.
    If I win the giveaway I'll pick Rose Wood.
    My ig id is @q.a.r.i.n.a

  16. Jai Lizha

    I prefer merlot kiss..am from deep skin spectrum..your swatches are always awesome..

    Rosewood my choice..am not having insta..

  17. Koushik Mukherjee

    Mam next time Hudabeauty liquid Lipstk review plz


    Hii.. thanks for the review. Thanks for the giveaway.. my choice is Scarlet letter .. IG @dev.jenny

  19. Preksha Vernekar

    I love you Aparna! Enough said.. your smile just makes my day..please please keep smiling always.. 🥰😍😘 I will choose Rosewood.. as u said mind blowing shade! 🥰
    My insta ID : @prek_a_boo

  20. Prajakta Redkar Pai

    Hi Aparna, I really enjoyed the video dear. You are amazing, you always give so many details of any product that you review. So for all who are new to this channel, trust me her reviews are genuine and she is the best.She swatches all the shades of any lipstick that she reviews and makes our life easy.
    Thank you so much for all the hard work❤

  21. sana_2218

    I would love to have ‘Scarlet Letter’ it is such a pretty shade😍 would be so happy if i win this as my eid present from you😊😊
    Instagram: sana.2218

  22. Yoshita Varma

    Mam, I usually fast frwrd other youtuber's videos.. Bt I watch every bit of ur video, u r so charming, ur reviews r so genuine.. Am a fan.. Lv ur reviews.. ❤️❤️

  23. Eva Mata

    I think all shades look so good on you! 💋
    Rose wood❤
    I.g Bery91016

  24. Asmita Jindal

    Your swatches make my day! Always find some new color to look forward to

  25. Shailja collection

    Nice video .I have rosewood, crimson touch ,Merlot kiss

  26. Shilpi jharia

    I love ur videos.A lot of hardwork u do n ur smile 😘😘😘😘😘…. i like rosewood.
    Insta id – @shilpi_mehra_jhariya

  27. Manjira Chakrabarti

    Yessss finally.. My new favorite youtuber

  28. srishti kamdar

    Hey beautiful,
    These lipsticks compliment your skin and we share the same skin tone so I'm sure that these will look good on me as well.
    I'd like to win Scarlet letter and my instagram handle is – srishtikamdar
    Your swatches help me select the lipsticks which I haven't tried even once. ❤

  29. Shanmathy Sanjay

    Merlot kiss looks really lovely on you❤❤ for my entry I choose rosewood ❤ my insta Id is – shanmathy_sanjay

  30. S Joshi

    Your channel reminds me of reference books from my college days. I refer to your channel before buying lipsticks 😊 just the way I referred books before exams.

  31. Velma Velma

    Scarlet Red 😘😊 vellulovesmakeup 😍😍

  32. Shovana Mishra


  33. Kamna jha

    I loved shade "rosewood"
    Insta ID: khaleesi_in_denial
    This is my third participation till now, please pick me..

  34. Kamna jha

    I loved shade "scarlet letter"
    Insta ID: khaleesi_in_denial

  35. Kamna jha

    Shade rosewood
    Insta id: khaleesi_in_denial

  36. Priyanka Sree

    Hi di…I was waiting you to review Flower Beauty 😘😘😘😍💕

  37. HarShita GanguLy

    Try iba halal liquid lipsticks ❤️

  38. Abhilasha Herr

    Oops I forgot to write…scarlett letter! Fingers crossed if I can win it. 🤞

  39. Neha Sharfu

    Scarlet letter♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Id : __neaaa__

  40. divya bengani

    Hi ! Scarlet Letter 🙂 my Instagram id – divyabengani

  41. zx 23

    Beautiful review Aparna… Please try to swatch and review these:
    1. Sugar suede liquid Lipstick
    2. Nykaa matte to last
    3. Loreal Rouge signature

  42. Joyshree Munshi

    Thank you so much for this review sweetheart ❤
    Was really looking forward to one 😊

  43. Sukritee Dewanji

    Insta Handel- titlidas_13
    I directly rushed from Instagram
    Cause 🔔 bajane k baad v YT is not informing me….😵
    Aur yeaha aate he Surprise 😃
    I'm crushing on them from the time you started mentioning them🤫….
    I loveeeee the shade Scarlett Letter❤️

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