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  1. Linda Thao

    Wait, this is such a fun idea!! Constructive criticism is always the best! 💖🥰

  2. Paige DeBusk

    You are so amazing

  3. The Chunky Cheerleader

    We need more!!!

  4. Mariela A

    Definitely do more like this!! Loved it

  5. Laura Cruz

    Thank you❤

  6. Brianna Morris

    Please do another one

  7. Janina Neven

    I feel like you were judging yourself suuuper hard when watching what you looked like before..

  8. Claire

    just subbed !! where's your sports bra from???

  9. Yadira Diaz

    Does anyone know what air fryer Remi has (like the brand)?

  10. Cierra Necole

    Aaaaaahmazing video both .. you're so strong and encouraging is love so many more like this thanks for sharing

  11. Kiki G.

    OMG You should name your air fryer "AIRiana" lol. <3

  12. Erica and Jeremy

    Anyone know where the vlog with the soup recipe is? Looks sooo good and I want to make it.

  13. Samantha Rockwell

    You should document your new “diet routine” and show us what you’re reallly eating! I’ll be waiting for this video!

  14. victizzle2k9

    love u remi thank u for being honest with ur struggles we all have them!! we love a transparent qweeen 👑

  15. tamar yerushalmi

    Lysm!! U look SO GOOD with braids and a bucket hat!❤️

  16. Grace Lee

    Your boobs are 😓

  17. jesse g

    This is the videos we like to see! Just you being honest and personal with us. Thank you for sharing your struggles ❤️

  18. Heidi Mader

    This was such a fun video! I remember watching you even back then :') you should do another one!!

  19. Shanti's Candle

    I’m so proud of you Remi 💕

  20. Alejandra D

    If there's a video i did not expect you to make it's this

  21. Thirandi Dandeniya

    what a beautiful video from a beautiful soul. i truly do love remi for being so honest and real w us. not that many ppl give such genuine advice and a big thanks to remi. sending only love and positive vibes xoxo💋💋

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