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  1. Ciana P.

    That is gorgeous! I suspect they used a rose or mauve lipstick in the film and not red, because true red showed up black-ish on old film. But then, you hear about reds being "patriotic" in the 40s, so it likely wasn't "wrong." Also, having seen your previous brushout videos, I laughed when you casually achieved a perfect brushout two seconds later. That's a power-move!

  2. Kianas In pyjamas

    That red lipstick is stunning

  3. Aemelia S

    Your "cutting bangs" video is featured in Brad Mondo's latest video.

  4. Catherine Levison

    Nicely done. You wear all these looks well. You could have been born in any era and been beautiful. Thank you!

  5. xNOTxIRLx

    If the rouge needs to be undetectable then why put it on at all?

  6. Rebecca Klopp

    Oh man it's so wild to think about how much things have changed. Really educational video though! And the look looks good on you

  7. Reka Korponai

    You look great! 👍

  8. Nicole W

    You did a beautiful job I believe I will have to try this look myself

  9. moosewhale

    Hahah, he just puts the container of rouge on her.

  10. Mandy L

    Do you know who Brad Mondo is? He just reacted to your "cutting my bangs" video! Thought you might enjoy that. 🙂

  11. Lilly Hernandez

    Brad Mondo reacted to your fringe cutting video!

  12. Kitty Mervine

    think that for many of these young women joining the military, wearing makeup was a "new" thing. They came from small towns, and wearing makeup in high school and such was considered a "NO NO!" Having even basic knowledge of how to apply makeup made this a good video. Also, many women could not afford to go to a fancy store where your makeup was applied and then you would purchase it, much like today fancier stores. BUT, cheaper makeup first came in and it was less of a "sin" now to wear makeup!

  13. Sam Samantha

    You look a lot like an Indian actress diya mirza

  14. louise lill

    I love watching these vintage videos and you certainly look stunning with this type of style

  15. Gwen Dixon

    brad mondo just reviewed your video where you cut your fringe

  16. Thatwitchgirl

    Your hair looks absolutely beautiful! (9:10)
    I would love to have wavy hair like that, but sadly, my hair won't hold a single curl for more than five seconds 😢

  17. Krystal Lights

    Have you ever tried besame cosmetics? It’s a makeup brand inspired by vintage makeup and I believe they ship to the NL

  18. Maja!

    Great video!

    I have a suspicion that your lipstick colour was what they meant by "exotic". When I've seen photographs of my grandmothers, for example, from that time, it doesn't really look like they're wearing lipstick, so I think it was mostly very natural colours and I'd imagine that could be the case in the army at the time as well?

  19. Chels Nicholls

    Does anyone else wanna know how she wrapped her hair in her towel? Or is it just me?

  20. Sarah Riddle

    Me: is trying to develop an accurate 1940s makeup look.
    "Don't go for exotic lip shades".
    Also me:🙄
    Seriously though the forties is my fav 20th century decade so this helps a lot!

  21. Gillian Stapleton

    You need a 'rat' to get the back roll right – but your version looks lovely!

  22. Nordic Princess

    You look like a Golden Era Military Lady . Very classy, pristine and definitely “ conservative “. It reminds me of a military movie actress.

    Thank you Lucy 🥰

  23. Erika

    I’m in nursing school and they don’t let us wear a lot of makeup or nail polish! We wear hair buns too lol

  24. Dio Brando

    I've always wondered how gals wore these vintage hairstyles in places like Texas, where the land is open, flat, and high winds are a common weather advisory. Did they wear scarves or tie on hats? Today, for instance, a good portion of a dead tree we've been slowly cutting down just broke off on its own, and set off across the field! A ladies hair wouldn't survive! 😆

  25. Mandy Chapin

    Your hair looks better than in the video!

  26. genericmannequin

    I wonder if they used any tools/cushions for the roll to get it super smooth, though yours came out good without one anyway.

  27. Charles Brobst

    You look like my Mom in old pictures. She was a waitress during the war at a diner in New Jersey near the Bethlehem Pa steel mill where she met my Dad and my uncle. Dad's pal married Mom's sister.

  28. Valerie Bartz

    Lol that headwrap is so extra like guac. Luv u btw❤️❤️

  29. Valerie Bartz

    Lol that headwrap is so extra like guac. Luv u btw❤️❤️

  30. AutumnClockWork

    I wouldn't really call this one size fits all makeup, those of us with blonde eyelashes would look really freaking weird with red lipstick and no mascara

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