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  1. Shareena Nog Iets

    I think she bought the whole package for Julie, but ended up only having 3 left…

  2. dimitra rena

    Zach i wish we were friends 🖤💙 i love how ur nail color matches your outfit you are so stylish and sweet and funny! Always a pleasure to be watching you🌌

  3. Lydia Jennie

    Is that a sparkly purple paddle on your wall?

  4. monkeynumber nine

    I don't ever like to see a grossly morbidly obese person eat what may potentially be their final meal – not only because they are starting some new fad diet- but the person may actually drop dead because they are so unhealthy 😡🙊

  5. Kim Backus

    She's definitely pretty shady!

  6. Wynn Gwynn

    "I'm not one to speculate…" Really Zach? Lol really?

  7. Kate G

    As someone with a heart condition that restricts blood flow to my lungs and makes walking mid-long distances difficult, I cannot stand that obese people use them while shopping for more shit to fill their body with. You got yourself to that point in your life, you have to struggle with that.
    I didn’t choose a bad heart. But I can’t get groceries or Christmas gifts without a cart because everyone over 400lbs is using them to get Oreos and stuffed whole chicken…

  8. Kate G

    I’m new to FB I’m usually a ALR follower. Who’s Bibi and who’s Peetz in relation to her?

  9. Kate G

    “I made plans with a friend. I always bailed on her. I decided not to go to her party.” HmmmmmmIWonderWhySheFlaked

  10. M Lou

    ”mam“ 😂😂

  11. William Mays

    The ogress couldnt keep herself from eating the cleaning staff's gift chocolates lol god chantel is the worst

  12. sarahpeddiee

    I can relate to the getting anxious after drinking. It happens to me but it’s so hit or miss. Sometimes I’m fine, other times it’s full on anxiety attack.

  13. Lost Cause

    The food goes in and the lies come out. The fact she still has "fans" after straight-up lying and getting caught red-handed is beyond me.

  14. gofic

    "my grandmother is very frail, she's elderly" no shit she's a grandmother🙄

  15. Denise H

    Other than ALR who verbally says she's using it because she's obese, I have a problem with Chantal or anyone deciding that someone using a scooter is using it purely because of size. I get that all the time when there's actually a scooter to use. I use it because OT and PT tell me to and because I'm sure stores like Walmart would prefer that to me passing out from my autonomic issues or IH or falling from my MS or RA. You can't actually tell by looking at someone why they are using it, you judge them by what you see. I get it, I did it until I had to use my devices more. Those comments Chantal would make (or anyone really) drive me nuts again because unless the person is using it for that, you are just making your own judgment which could be false. I get the same thing about using my disabled parking permit. I'm not disabled because I'm fat, I'm disabled because my body has been trying to destroy itself from the inside out from diseases since long before I was this weight.

  16. Kathy Germack

    I feel she KNEW Petes was coming in the room at the end!! She could have easily edited that ending out and just said later "my camera turned off"! NO!!!!!!!!!!!……She wanted this kind of reaction!

  17. Kraken Crunch

    She looks really stinky

  18. robin mcgregor

    She probably put on extra food for you! Terrible friend.

  19. Bill Wilson

    Eating and complaining it was nasty is just her way of dine and dash since well lets be real she's not outrunning diabetes at this point

  20. hannah stanley

    wait did she divorce/separate from bebe?(unsure how to spell his name sorry)

  21. Nicole Voss

    I lost it a floppy Bobby

  22. AKA Lane

    Just here to give u a view and a like for standing up to the bully here and continuing to demonstrate fair use. ❤

  23. Adam Smith

    Let's be honest, we watch your videos just to see Judy 😂😂

  24. Miranda

    Chantal is such a liar. She lies about the dumbest shit.

  25. Azken Darken

    2:16 is that part in slow motion?

  26. LeahFrank George

    Mimi Bobeck did it better

  27. S L

    A compulsive liar- when she speaks she doesn’t look in the camera- a sign of lying- a pattern for her. And the acts like a victim. Disgusting.

  28. Blue Pea

    The lies upon lies like fat rolls upon fat rolls.

  29. Bmore Blondie

    No way in hell my man would let me get a hotel room with another guy especially an ex no fucking way . If her man knows an don't care then he don't love her or give a fuck an is most likely getting it on wit someone else

  30. Polly Mackenzie

    if i had a friend who always bailed on me like Chantal does with this friend, i'd drop them i know it can bc of mental health stuff (i mean i've done it) but after awhile it'd get old i'd say you do you don't make plans just concentrate on you i feel it's unfair for that friend of chantal's

  31. Lc Cruise

    My captions are on and everytime someone says peetz it translates to pizza 😂🤣😂🤣

  32. Dominique M

    Omg fr the butt thing … WTF this dynamic is so weird … Is he her only friend that’s actually around ???

  33. Bunnygirl

    i celebrated NYE with my mother & her ex (who she still lives with) … it was incredibly awkward lol

  34. Jacy Bramwell

    Judy is the best pupper ♡

  35. Avery Jack Black

    I don't get why Bebe is never apart of these outings w family etc. I don't fucking get it lol

  36. Erika

    Are they dumpster chocolates?!?!

  37. NoMore DIY

    She ate Julie’s chocolate LMAO😂😂

  38. Juliana D

    Love your nails!

  39. Gina Bedas

    I will tell ya, the truth is that hysterectomies make females meaner and gain weight. Jyst wait to this beast train wreck. It will happen.

  40. Natalie Marie

    That is such an addict mentality to have. It's exactly like planning your last high and going all out one last time before going to treatment. I really hope she seeks help and gets treatment

  41. Mim Hines

    Peetz mooches off her. Bibi hasn't met the guy so how can he be ok with it. Weird arrangement.

  42. David Medford

    She really got Petes to come out there so she wouldn't have to pay for her hotel. You know she roped him into paying it for her. She's a despicable human being.

  43. Alaska Girl

    Knowing its probably pretty cold in Canada right now… if she isn't going to a gym, going to a grocery store and pushing a cart around would be better than nothing for some exercise imo.

  44. soup

    Peetz is such a creepy, shady ass dude. Like he looks like he stinks and also would ask what a girl was wearing if she got sexually harassed

  45. Naturallyhoneybeecouponer1226

    I don't follow Chantel like that but who is peetz and Bebe?

  46. Kitty Bitch

    Omg you painted your nails…..

  47. uwu ci

    she was trying to throw a pity party, pretended no one was there so she could be like “boo hoo poor me im alone”

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