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  1. Aphrodite’s Peach

    Here's the link to Biggest Mikey's channel!

  2. Anonimowy Anonim

    I thought u meant Michaelbepetty ahahhahaha

  3. naina salian

    Honestly she is somewhere right whenit comes to judging

  4. Haley HB Pencil

    I think all Chantal videos need a dance break to make her content bareable

  5. Yenna Linwelin

    Despite of what a 'good person' would say. Just to follow Chantel, and see what kind of human she is. I hope she does not get the surgery or does it. Because in my opinion she has not earned improvement of her life yet. FTB

  6. Make ‘Em Proud

    Biggest Mikey was cruel and there is nothing funny or entertaining about that. Chantal is problematic and there is so much to discuss and criticize WITHOUT bringing her looks into it or being vicious.

    This world desperately needs more empathy, compassion, kindness, and love.

  7. peachykeen08

    i normally would agree that reaction channels are wrong for criticizing creators. But honestly, i like reaction channels WAY more than i like her. She keeps pulling publicity stunts and being ridiculous. Her actions should be criticized accordingly.

  8. Sarah Rambo

    Its interesting the channels she is really going hard against lately are all black creators: Charlie Gold, Biggest Mikey, Lyfe of the Free Spirit. Things that make you go hmmm

  9. Garden Lady

    Love the "dance break"👍🏻❗️May it last on YT forever 💕🌸

  10. Majorly Umami

    I'm here for a dance break

  11. itsMYTRNX3

    This is what I just emailed YouTube:
    This woman is threatening other YouTube creators. She is also openly killing herself on film every single day.

    She is copywriting KFC, Arbys, Mc Donald's and all the other places she goes to attempt suicide.

    YouTube really needs to put a stop to this destruction!

  12. Olivia Love Worthy

    That dance break with your cat was epic

  13. I'm so done with this shit

    chantel should honestly keep calling out youtubers bc after she does the youtuber called out gets a massive spike in subscribers.

  14. Because Heidi Can't Do Anything

    That dance break featuring the cats and Chumbawamba was a very, very nice choice

  15. myweakness188

    Our gorl Chantal seems to be really proud of her new phrase HoLiEr ThAn ThOu AtTiTuDe lmao she uses it every time she speak now XD

  16. Trina Sommer

    Honestly, I love the way that you cover things, also your calm way of talking and relaying the messages, are so great and also gives a huge interest in keep listening to you. Know it’s not related to Chantal, but I just thought I’d mention

  17. Dimitra P.

    That dance break was award-worthy xD

  18. Tandi Caldwell

    Welp, found a new channel to watch! Thanks Chantal! 👏👏👏

  19. Brock Lee

    New sub here… Hi!👋

  20. Your Nastiness

    What are you doing? Putting the bag in first, then pouring that boiling water burns the tea leaves.
    Causing the tea to taste like the Foodie Beauty T, bitter.

  21. Tori uwu

    Your dance break LMAO

  22. Ani

    I already loved you but now you are my queen 3:48

  23. Nessa Dawn

    That last post has been deleted now. I can’t find it now. #shocker

  24. Karen Alfaro

    Your personality shines through in this one😇

  25. Blue nova corgi

    Ursula from the under the deep fried sea is really getting a barnicle in her tentacle …ooofff

  26. Buttered Toast

    She's got a buttload of karma coming for her.

  27. ReactingToReactions

    I feel like you could recommend a good book. What's your favorite book?

  28. Richard

    If it wasn't for reaction channels, NO ONE would watch Chantal. She's NOT likeable. At least Amberlynn is vaugely, approaching likeable. My god the bar is low.

  29. Richard

    Quick someone download the Pringle and dingle videos for posterity!

  30. Richard


  31. Richard

    I love see that little face on my big TV.

  32. Ty Newcomb

    I’m seriously obsessed with your channel, your voice, your attention to detail, your cats and your aesthetic. Cheers, girl!!

  33. Jacki Miller

    I subbed to Mikey. Would like to be a part of boosting him to 60k before FB. Zach passed her after she dragged him so…

  34. xisobelx373

    I loathe her personality..her explosive giggle…her "contrite" uploads after she gets called out- I seriously think I saw something where she was saying she wasn't gonna do anything to get ready for her surgery… wtf. Talk about NARCISSISM

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