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  1. Jessica H

    I'm beyond disgusted at her attitude in general and her bashing of a health care system that she is BEYOND privileged to have at her ungrateful disposal. Shame on her for mocking those who need the system that she is taking advantage of.

  2. C0nfictura

    Wow. I wonder what it's like to be a bunch of grown women and men banding together to hate other people online. What a sad hobby. I have sympathy for all of you because you just have some deep issues that need to be addressed. I hope everyone finds peace.

  3. Emilie Lund

    Why do u care what she does 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Nícha Míldí

    Just … wow.
    As a former mental patient who lost everything including a house and children, then got better and regained it all after doing inpatient help decades ago I am highly disgusted at her lack of understanding and empathy.
    I had not seen that video of her dissing a mental patient. Privacy violation, human being violation. Congrats to her on that new low all it did was make Chantal uglier, I unsubbed. Unreal. Nothing she says has any credibility it’s just shock value.

  5. Syntax Terror

    Pretty sure almost none of this is keto friendly.

  6. Amy Christensen

    You’re an amazing woman. You say everything I’m thinking but with a kick ass accent. Keep ‘em honest girl 😊

  7. LeahFrank George

    When you have a major depressive disorder and you’re at your lowest, you don’t care about a mirror, care what the toilet looks like, you’re lucky if you care about anything you silly bitch. You have no idea what it’s like you fat sack of shit. F$ck off

  8. Narda H

    Can’t tyu(00

  9. K Butler

    You crack me UP! You did ALL This, TO EAT! Hahahahaha

  10. K Butler

    WTF, talking about sitting on the toilet, WHO does that! G r o s s! I am finding myself grossed out w/couple of these YouTubers. They jump on YouTube, face unwashed, regardless of time of day, passive aggressive and gaslighting Personality. Jerks AND Jerks!

  11. Jazzyjla

    She's a twunt who, like her twin ALR, uses mental illness as an excuse for being such a piss poor human being.

  12. Carol BeingCarol

    I have missed a lot of the YT happenings lately so I apologize if I’m asking a question you’re already tired of answering but- Where can I get some YouTube Underground swag?
    And damn it if I don’t have that exact same IKEA plastic plant and little white holder up in my guest room on the dresser. I will never look at it the same again. Ruined! It’s been trashed, tarnished, Chantelized -Ruined!

  13. k p

    She sounds like a drug addict needing a fix.

  14. Dora H

    Shifty eyes cause the plant might steal her food

  15. Julie Bee

    You can tell the lack of empathy Chantal has for other people. She makes herself the victim constantly, especially when she puts herself into these situations. All of her stories are like that.

  16. linda bond

    She's back ….I thought it would be a few days. NO words except for …She needs extreme help.

  17. Raven

    That's so much food!!!! She didn't have to belong to the clean plate club.

  18. Betty Blacc

    😂🤣 “Swamp Plate” 🤣😂

  19. Sera Paige

    she makes me so upset as someone who has actually been diagnosed with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). People like this upset me so much. There are people who have real issues through no fault of their own and she's done this to herself. I'm not wanting to be too critical because I know if you have a thyroid issue (which also runs in my family) you can't control your weight. But, Chantal has serious food issues…just saying.

  20. Vintage Soul Seeker

    It’s not a real mirror so you can’t break it and hurt yourself or staff there’s a reason behind shit idiot. It’s not suppose to be the ritz 🙄

  21. Dalek Supreme

    One of the many things I hate about Chantel is her dangerous outpouring of bullshit when it comes to mental health. I have been diagnosed with Binge Eating by a physicist I was put on and still take a "stimulant" (it's an antidepressant) for it. IT works amazingly well. Yes I has some problems but I talked to my doctor about them and found solutions with different formulas and dosage.

    Taking medicine for illness is not a sign of weakness you stupid bitch. Some people's brains simply don't make enough of the right chemicals as a normal person. That's what the pill does. And it's incredibly fucking stupid and dangerous to just stop taking them completely.

  22. Wendy Smith

    You are only ever really mean. I will admit that I'm a whole b*tch for watching these hater videos to begin with, but you're not even tough love. You're just a super toxic, nasty jerk. Hope you're having fun making money from wishing someone dies.

  23. Jennifer Priest

    She darts her eyes around, because she is thinking up the lie and that's what liars do.

  24. Renee Connolly

    She forgot the main symptom of a really severe panic attack. Either of the biochemical fight, flight, fight or freeze responses, or of completely different aetiologies that I can't remember or recount here now. The fear that the sufferer might actually be dying. The severity of these kind of symptoms is real.
    Your face Yaba 32:46… perfect.

  25. Renee Connolly

    It's dawning on me, this woman has perceived some real bullying in her past. But I would put that abuse down to this attitude of superiority/inferiority complex. Lying in the gutter looking down upon the world. So instead of choosing to move past that, she grabs any and every opportunity to mock and point out "craziness" in other women that she can, and lapses into the same superior cutting "laugh with me" language as the perceived bullies In her head. Because this is all coming from her own sick psyche.
    Instead of putting an arm around that poor woman and making her laugh- or walking with her down to the tv room, she made her isolative behaviour known to the nursing staff and laughed as she was "chastised" like a child and told to "go to her room."
    The good nursing staff would have despised Chantelle and spent time with the young woman in crisis, language barrier or no. The great nurses would have broken through the woman's isolative despair, sadness and fear… (fear=anger). The average human being might have done the same. I have seen it. I've been both nurse and patient, and creatures like Chantelle don't last long, happily, on a ward with others.
    It's isolation that exacerbates mental pain, we need to reach out when people need it… but the Chantelles of this world corrupt that process no end because they are so obviously evil.

  26. Renee Connolly

    As we say in Anonymouses Anonymous…

    "It works if you work it-
    You're worth it, so
    WORK IT."
    It's life on life's terms baby.

  27. Kathryn Watson

    She has 2. One was in 2017 and it is titled Arby’s 3am binge but that one was before the food tray. Still searching for the other one. I’m certain it wasn’t a reaction channel it was one of hers

  28. Larissa Hostetter

    She feels sufficated not because of anxiety, but because her fat is crushing her lungs and heart! That not anxiety, that's your heart about give out.

  29. Larissa Hostetter

    Also why is this heffalump making fun of someone who has something really wrong with them? She complains when people poke fun at her or as I am seeing it, just stating facts, but then makes fun of someone who is struggling bad! She has no room to talk, she herself has issues. Like no you fat fuck! lol OMG I want to slap the living crap out of her. Just one slap…can I!? lol

  30. Larissa Hostetter

    Why is she looking around like she is doing something bad? Like how she does in the car, lol IS she not suppose to be eating here? lol She's looking like someone is going to see her eating. Did she eat right before this mukbang? lol

  31. Rachel Walpole

    You absolutely roasting her at every point was hilarious lmao she deserves the hate she gets. She's a horrible human being with no regard or respect for others

  32. Annie McDougal

    I feel like she quit YouTube to be devious and punish reactors and make sure they have nothing to react and make money off her. Why does she want to film GRWM's? Where's she going?

  33. me_shell

    She seems high as hell in the beginning of the video 🤔🥴🤣

  34. Nicky Knack

    Being someone who is Arabic and have mental issues chantel u should b ashamed of yourself. Very sad to make fun of someone who has mental issues. If they made fun of u, u would b so mad.

  35. Britt

    She lies so damn much. Psych wards are tightly run. That lady wouldn’t have been allowed a pencil…it’s a potential weapon. They take the shoelaces out of your shoes, for God’s sake, and the drawstrings out of your hoodies and pants. Everything this pig says is a lie, because she’s a boring ass bitch otherwise.

  36. Kathryn Watson

    Ill find it

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