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  1. Beth Gilbertson

    False copyright strikes, harassing the elderly! What next Chantal going to kick a puppy?

  2. Debi

    People with BPD thrive on chaos. It's never ending. Just ignore Shanny.

  3. celifacejones

    Chantal, girl, focus on you. I know your 365lbs self can't reach to wipe your own ass. Focus on that. Ask yourself why being a hater is more important than being able to clean anything below your fupa.

  4. SavageAF2U

    Chantel is just disgusting and pathetic. She's desperate for attention. And her getting random subscribers to attack other youtubers is even more vile.

  5. Shannon Slapp

    Where did you get that shirt???? I need it.

  6. toughlove80


  7. rosenrot234

    Aw Judy got a blankie in the background now

  8. Emily R

    Judy looks so darn comfy with her sweater and blanket!!! You're awesome Zach!

  9. kt k8

    Judy!!! Also I love your shirt

  10. Oforlikelalune


  11. Gerogina Lee

    Her channel is shannyfor Christ now

  12. simplycbh

    I watched a few seconds of her videos (Shanny for Satan) and was genuinely mortified. I hope people don't give her the attention she is craving cause she is vile

  13. carla

    Love your shirt

  14. Hannah

    imagine being in a courtroom and everyones reaction to foodie beautys videos… i cant…

  15. Raven

    Ok , first of all Racism is RACISM anyway you slice it , no matter who does it to who. You can't cherry pick who it's ok for bc RACISM is NOT ok in any way shape or form.
    This Shanny weirdo is not mentally ill she's just a creep, Chantal is a jealous bitch, of course she can't let go of abusing the copy right . she prob ate to much cheese again.

  16. rainyraindrop

    "Shanny for Satan person"
    💀💀💀 I've been elevated 💀💀💀

  17. Sassy Sulli

    This shirt is epic 😍

  18. JenniferBaby K

    Yaba used to be a cool ass chick, but now she has become a troll and a neusense!

  19. Ana Rodriguez

    You have me DEAD with your intros!!!! 💀 🤣

  20. Rose Tree

    She just mad cuz Charlie gets more views 🤷‍♀️

  21. Lily Sabbath

    "In general Canadian defamation judgements against Americans are not collectible in the United States under the SPEECH Act, and have to be re-proven in an American court in the state where the defendant resides." In other words, shut the hell up Chantal, you are embarrassing.

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