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  1. Foodie Beauty


  2. Gabe

    Have you lost some weight because it seems like you fit better in the car now! (Idk if it’s just me being dumb lmao) ❤️❤️

  3. Anya Sur X

    Beautiful earrings! 😘


    We haven't been to the casino in forever!

  5. lauren vega-cruz

    i hope u consider doing a meet up one day. if u ever want to head to tucson az i will help sponsor you.

  6. Angela Burnette

    Being in the u.s having sonic it’s not that great there food menu isn’t that much to choose from the only thing really good from there is there drinks and slushees

  7. Just Struttin

    ABSOLUTELY loving these food review/mukbangs and your video inserts or whatever are great. Makeup on point as always. Love you Chantal!!!!🥰

  8. whatmyohmy

    Unless your bringing your car have plenty of money cabs taxis are expensive. That chicken looks really good! I m having Taco Sloppy Joe's with onions and melted cheese and chopped up pickles.And for desert that I don't have that often Marbleized brownies. Oh My

  9. Ivy Rose

    Sonic is not that good. Go to In and Out it Chick Fil A.

  10. michelle morabito


  11. Alexandra Picot

    I always find it fascinating…how tall are you?

  12. JustKhristene

    Love the lip color on you!💫

  13. JustKhristene

    The faces your cats make 😊☺️

  14. Lil nitty

    Heyyyyyyy,,,,,,,,, you can’t have KFC without Peetz!,!…..😉

  15. robin mcgregor

    Love the disclaimer 🤣

  16. jaz

    now that your back to your old self & eating whatever the hell ya want! ima re subscribe!! ❤️❤️

  17. Brandy Ward

    Hahaha I luv the KFC intro AND those shades are bomb

  18. Abel Vicuna

    You were vegan until you got hungry

  19. cinnamon roll

    Wings forever 💕

  20. Heather Gibson

    Love your Pink Floyd shirt

  21. Kendayce Randolph

    Love the Sunnies! So cute!

  22. A. Nonymous

    P.S.–We prefer chix tenders..

  23. A. Nonymous

    Sure looks tasty–those tenders are big. Fries look fresh–a large is a must 🙂 Thanks for taking us along–always enjoy your new food item videos..:)

  24. Honeybee

    I'm happy you're not lying about being vegan and caring about animals. It is a real shame that you are now giving KFC free advertising ( just watch videos about how they happily torture the chickens)

  25. Syn Cty

    I can't eat any of this because of my allergies but I'm sooo jelly!! That looked soooo good!!!

  26. Lisa Poissant

    I got married at Bolt castle October 4, 2014. Regarding Sonic, don't get too excited its not that great..lol Love you girl!!!

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