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  1. Armaan Gupta

    How can u dislike this ??

  2. PHX


  3. Greg Howard

    what the…my eyes are raining

  4. Stefan Brown

    I love to see it

  5. Mike Costanzo


  6. Lewy Crabtree

    I wonder if even for a moment he considered taking off running with the ball?

    Jk y’all don’t start blasting

  7. Judge Dredd

    Cancer would be solved if the money was in finding the cure. The treatment rakes in the dough. Cry about that.

  8. Brian Blackberry

    That one moment when everyone was a Gophers fan.

  9. Slat Walter


  10. Romello 20

    Four times this nigga was damn near destined to Die. 👏👏 Beat them odds

  11. Ohios Finest

    I can see why Minnesota is 7-0 this year. Great characters from top to bottom

  12. Freakazzzoidd

    🐐bigger purpose man

  13. ReeceNinj A

    Who disliked this

  14. Bee9 Gee9

    4 times, Cancer may as well go and find somebody else cuz it can't fuck with Casey O'Brien. You lose, bitch

  15. Reginald Williams


  16. Green Bronze Luigi

    4 time champion

  17. Anthony O'Brien

    Heart all ❤ kid. God bless

  18. Kenny bolo

    Fuck cancer

  19. King Shai

    Nigga 4 times goddamn The devil was tryna end his shit 💀

  20. Dimitri Elie

    Happy respect love

  21. JayeCrook29

    Who disliked this video? I just wanna have a with ya…

  22. Frank-o04

    Beating cancer is incredible, but four times, FOUR TIMES!? Unbelievable

  23. iAmKIKZ

    For that one person that disliked the video. 🖕🏽

  24. Shimsanity

    To Whoever disliked this video, ** you. Do you not understand how special of a moment this is?

  25. TripleDarkness23

    Cancer getting domestically abused

  26. King Berserk

    Man whooped cancer ass 4 times

  27. MilkyMakel TV

    Big ups

  28. Mercenary 1914

    I hope every idiot who dislikes this video gets cancer.

  29. Webster Kollie

    Who’s the clown who dislike this video?

  30. Ryan Luke

    Who’s the person who disliked this video

  31. Dusk TheHunter

    It's just great and impressive, congratulations!

  32. clement wang

    Thought the coach was the 4 time cancer survivor with his bald head


    Gave me chills. It’s the little things, man. We all take the little things for granted. God bless this kid, and congrats for KO’ing cancer every time!

  34. puddles puddles

    Props this Casey for beating cancer as many times as he did. My mom herself beat cancer twice so this is at least twice as impressive! Congrats to him and his family and Minnesota and Gopher fans all over the world. Sports can be magical and this moment showcases that!

  35. Big drew

    You can tell the coach is a player coach respect ✊

  36. Orlando Barba

    Pro athletes beating their girlfriends and wives, doing drugs but these types of things get no air time! This is what sports is all about. Gotta love it

  37. Randy Dubin

    One of the greatest extra points in college football in the last decade, along with Jake Olson of USCheat (I am a Notre Dame fan, JFTR).

  38. Jim McKeown

    Awesome moment. Go Gophers!

  39. Prodromos Peios

    This is bigger than American football, it is life and it is beautiful.

  40. Essien GagnonWelch

    Anyone who dislikes this is a retard

  41. TB12 G.O.A.T

    4 times! He’s the fucking man

  42. Karma

    Now pay the man

  43. Loyal Philly fan

    The coach crying was sad to see 😢

  44. Cool Kid

    great moment

  45. MlgEagleGaming

    Awesome moment, This is what sports are all about 🙏

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