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  1. Bananita Tube

    Suscríbete a mi canal 👍🏻

  2. ana isabel García

    Increible. Freerunning.

  3. John Boudaud - traceur/freerunner

    Sick video ! An awesome content, u deserve more subscribers 😉

  4. TheDudeOfNothing

    cant waot too start parkour class soon!

  5. Caleb Bourque|Parkour/Freerunning

    This is an awesome compilation. I can't believe you guys featured Michael Bekemeier, I've trained with him a few times!

  6. willyboy jackson


  7. Mr Awsome


  8. JC precio de vida

    buen vídeo;-) 😉 😉 😉

  9. IkerFreerunning

    Eres español?

  10. trick

    1:00 DOLPHIN DIVE!!!

  11. Buggy Boi


  12. Lightfire

    Amazing where have you du this

  13. Its Jortra

    eres español?

  14. Raw

    Javiii caza patnerrrrsss xDD

  15. ItsWicooo

    2:28 where is it?

  16. Marko Gavric

    how do i start parkour/freerunning? i'm doing street workout but i want do learn this stuff too

  17. Jordi kb

    eres español? jaja

  18. Jordi kb

    eres español? jaja

  19. Blue dragon X

    amazing video

  20. Blue dragon X

    only can we see the world as a wonder play garden. That makes this so awasome.

  21. Kyler ruch77

    4:35 the clouds went through him was the last one fake

  22. Piero Apolo

    el mejor freerrunning

  23. Piero Apolo

    fue el mejor triple kong que haya visto antes

  24. Piero Apolo



    now you linked freedom with youtube channel or google adsense ★ EpicMetalPiece / Best Compilations

  26. SuperFireTower

    Great video, and one of the only compilations that features the credits! ^^

  27. Ayden Lyons

    The Music doesn't go well with the video

  28. Melomani Plays

    good job good edit

  29. IcompilationTV

    Amazing video!


    nice video 🙂

  31. Nutrition Specialist #1

    ~Kudos to u good sir for i believe u have found your calling sincerely a new found and loyal follower!
    {PS. You know i totally subscribed gnarly unique vids your awesome man✌😄👊}

  32. Dawid Ray Friebe

    Whoa! Guys that was amazing! Where are you from? ;>

  33. XTreme Video

    Sick Freerunning edit and great to see the respect and credits for the original artists. Keep up the great work!

  34. julian d


  35. OHM-968692

    I must say the begging was epic…. mainly because of the music.
    Also thank you very much for crediting the original artists!

  36. Cade Marriott-Voss

    How do you not have more subscribers?! Your videos display incredible skills, have an amazingly unique and well-filmed, and are topped off with great soundtracks! It is clear that you spend a lot of time and effort on a channel deserving more praise than it gets

  37. Alvaro Winchester

    eu tenho um canal de parkour o nome do canal e Angelo pk

  38. PastranaPk

    Buas esta guapisimo , muy buen video me encanta

  39. Tobias Borges

    So good!

  40. Alexander Ninov


  41. matthias hering


  42. Shaun

    Uno de los mejores videos que he visto de tu canal

  43. RonskiKanava

    awesome video

  44. pengyu

    17 minutes ago? MY.. MY DREAM! FINALLY IM NOT THAT LATE!!!!!!!!!

  45. Fruitman911


  46. Rafa Ruiz


  47. Oliver Nordin

    Nice one nigga!

  48. Genotox

    please make another POV/first person compliation! I love your vids! 😉

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