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  1. at me

    Decaf still has caffeine, it's just less

  2. BetterYouBetterWorld V

    why does everyone say the vegan diet has no cholesterol if its in coffee and coconuts.. p.s. why do you have to complicate the vegan diet so much with all your seaweed brazil nut flax seed dha etc etc bullshit? i felt like superman on this diet untill i came across your videos, know i feel like im deficient in everything, dam nerd..

  3. Yaco Disorder

    I only have time for coffee

  4. Michael Greenwood

    I'll agree that tea is better than coffee before exercise, but is constricting arteries always a bad thing compared to dilating arteries? Consider that constricting arteries is like flexing our muscles vs. relaxing our muscles. To say dilating our arteries is always beneficial is like saying relaxing our muscles is always beneficial.

  5. Ann Fotlyan

    I love coffee….

  6. Max Ragged

    Dr. Greger, the Heisenberg of healthy nutrition, strikes again.

  7. Corey Desmond

    For years I drank green tea while working out. Just loved green tea and somehow ended up drinking it and thinking I should workout.. been doing that for years. It gave me more energy and less thirsty actually during my workouts

  8. MrAuggie01

    So which decaffeinated coffees are better to drink? Best way to have it? I'm an athlete and I want to maximize my bodies function outside of performance so it runs best

  9. cuteblackberry1

    From London. I am a fan of this channel. Sometimes, life is a luck of the draw. My work colleague was a fitness freak. Had a blood clot in leg. Died age 25 years. I like tea. But will ease off milk. Drink more green tea. Thank you for this wonderful free education .

  10. SpiritualVegan

    I have no use for caffeine because I eat fruit in the morning.

  11. Gayo Coffee Farm

    I drink coffee 4 – 6 cup per day

  12. Abinav MR

    Ass hole

  13. James Humphrey

    ok i give up I am not eating or drinking anything

  14. Michajeru

    I drink tea with a dash of almond milk. Is that OK?

  15. Syris of Lemuria

    I just wish I could get away from using sugar in my iced tea.

  16. PaulGreen11

    No more am coffee, just tea.
    Thank you, Doctor.

  17. Allostasis

    Isnt reposting videos again against youtubes guidelines?

  18. ApoE-ε2/ε3

    So just follow your coffee with a cup of tea, right? Having your coffee and drinking your tea too!

  19. Nicole VonW

    I cannot give up my cocoa though…..

  20. sword5926

    There are studies that praise coffee's antioxidant – anti cancer effects. Problem is half the MD's disagree with the other half.

  21. Mrs. Roper

    I do Matcha and that pero Barley drink, so I get the caffeine and the taste of coffee, without it being coffee.

  22. Thomas Keets

    Tons of studies about coffee are contradictory. Coffee is healthy and contains antioxidants. Just don’t drink it all day long. I remember reading about a guy who went into liver failure from over drinking green tea every day. Anything, even healthy foods, can be toxic in large quantities. Let’s put in into context and perspective.

  23. Mick Angelhere's World

    With all the smoke from the bushfires covering Sydney at the moment I started drinking a cup of coffee first thing in the morning again after a couple of months not having coffee.
    The coffee somehow stops the smoke from turning me into a zombie and I have to get through this past week

  24. pat557

    Decaf coffee is a crime against humanity. Bath water tastes better. I'll go with my ONE GLORIOUS fresh ground filtered pourover coffee; Matcha for any caffeine needs after that…

  25. Rosie Stott

    So MATCHA GREEN TEA LEMONADE at Starbucks should be a best beverage — WHOLE green tea leaves finely ground (Matcha) and mixed with lemonade (adds a little vitamin C). That's my new plan since "milk" isn't helpful with green tea. Sure wish they would sort out which milks are no-go. There are a world of plant milks, after all!

  26. Bubble Gum

    Any comment on the detrimental effect of tea on iron absorption?

  27. JMN

    what about decaf black tea

  28. Rafael Birkner

    Could coffee be healthier fermented (like the black tee) than roasted? Let's put it to a test doc!

  29. Alice Walker

    Interesting, thank you. I will be think I'll still have my one coffee in the morning because I get so much pleasure from it and feel good about the tea I drink at other times of the day 🍵

  30. Omantel

    I heard a rumour that there is cholesterol in every cell in our body. I this true???

  31. RR R3

    How bout almond milk?

  32. Mark B

    I'm glad that I drink about 3 liters of water a day, even when I enjoy a decaf coffee. Good to know the benefits of good habits.

  33. EthicalVegan

    What you thoughts on raw cacao powder ?

  34. Curt Randall

    ugh. what to do. so many studies say coffee is beneficial for health. while others say it is harmful. you would think in 2019 that science would be advanced enough to stop with all the ambiguous health studies and instead provide real conclusive findings that are useful. right now we are all just going in circles.

  35. Steph Ss

    When I just quit drinking…because I was experiencing arrhythmia & palpitations, coffee would help:) now, it makes more sense. It's been over 2 years sober now, and I notice that when my heart gets a touch fluttery, I have a cup and things go back to normal. Not sure if the caffeine withdrawl is a facor though. I've tried an energy drink instead of a coffee, and my kidneys get sore, so that was a wash. The only thing I don't like about having to consume coffee is the stinky sweat smells…coffee is stinky.

  36. Adnan A

    I wish coffee and tea didn’t stain teeth :/

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