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  1. Razel Olea

    Thanks for sharing your video.. New friend

  2. Fish Ball

    Very nice recipe, tons of fiber and anti cancer ingredients. I'm sure the taste is somewhat horrible, but it's all good. Health is wealth!

  3. 4 Family Fun TV

    Good idea yan. Ako lemon juice sa umaga. #pinay wanderlust


    yummy and healthy 💯💯💪💪

  5. RC Channel

    That's truly healthy and full of antioxidants

  6. Mask and Glasses

    anit cancer juice is what we really need for a healthy living

  7. RubelynJean FamilyVlogs

    whoa daming benefits pala nyan sis

  8. Spicys Tua

    Wow healthy foods.thank siss

  9. Sarah G. Smith

    salamat naman nyan..pabisita po sa bahay salamat

  10. Irisjean Mesa

    I like that food for weight lost very healthy and safe.

  11. Precy Lycious

    Salamat sa pag upload niyan cc makakatulong sa pag diet hahaha pwedi ko na ulit ulitin video mo para gayahin ko yan. Ginawa ko napo ang lahat para sayo.

  12. Jaz Langga

    true yan dqti alm ko ma6 nabibili na pangbabadbad sa mga veggie and fruit pero nawala n a

  13. Batata Bisaya

    Gawin ko to sis makakatulong talaga to.
    Dito na ako sis makikiinom muna ng juice mo d pa makagawa eh

  14. Bicolanang Oragon

    Thank u for sharing this healthy juice alam na po

  15. Harvey The Mighty

    i need it so much. thanks! 🙂

  16. Reina Boter

    Thanks for sharing its really good for my health since I was diagnose I have PV

  17. Crazy Telugu MoM

    Hi annie

  18. EOG Channel

    Wow mukang masarap yan ah. Sanay masuklian mo ang aking kabutihan.

  19. Valerie Delos santos

    Wow super healthy,love it


    Heathty freash food "

  21. Lutong Khunyan By Odette

    thank u for sharing i will definitely try this.

  22. Robert b Mendoza

    Ganyan dn ginagawa q apple and carrots

  23. AMTutorial Channel

    I will try this!thanks for sharing friend..

  24. Cristina Tormis

    Thanks for sharing sis 😍💗

  25. Pinay Wanderlust

    That looks very healthy.

  26. Rioreza Bautista

    Healthy lifestyle love smoothie veges…staycon

  27. Jollyheart TV

    Wow thank you for this healthy smoothie recipe.

  28. niel esclana

    This is good tips very healthy for our body i will try this.

  29. Cherell Salamanca

    I really like this video more tips please.new subscriber here visit my channel to thanks

  30. Mem Sky

    I need this in my life to loss weight.

  31. Shiza's kitchen junction

    Healing je nice video, new friend dn with letter plz returned back🍩🍷🍰🍰

  32. Rome Style

    never tried cabbage pra sa juice

  33. Nilo Paclibar Jr

    i wanna try this.

  34. SoftNoise Music

    Bagong natuklasan salamat sa video n to alam n sis

  35. Janice Jones

    Wow ang healthy nman yan at antioxidant pa kabayan, penge ako yan smen thnx

  36. Rioreza Bautista

    Love smoothie

  37. AngelLeen A.

    Such a great content. Very healthy! Love eyt! Keep sharing..

  38. The Hamon's

    love smoothie very healthy. thanks for this recipe!

  39. Naomi Blacky's Family & Skin Care

    New member in the house let's connect and stay in touch for more support. The bell is on so I won't miss any video 🥰✌️

  40. Naomi Blacky's Family & Skin Care

    Hey beautiful, I am glad to be here, this is a nice video I need to try it,looks healthy 😍💪

  41. Josua Dignos

    I really love this, this makes us healthier.

  42. YHER Gaming

    it is healthy for our body thanks for sharing.new friend

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